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Friday, November 11, 2011

Formspring Friday

Good morning, is Mouse a girl or a trans?

Well, good morning to you too.  Wow...never been asked that...mouse is all girl.  All girly-girl.  With all the girly girl parts in place...Daddy is all man...manly man (just in case anyone wonders), with all the man-parts in place too...

Your life seems so rich (almost glamorous). Do you think you could practice the kind of submission that characterizes your life if you were less financially stable?

That's an interesting question, dunno if our life is glamorous tho....really, if mouse's life were more glamorous she wouldn't begin each morning by scrubbing her own toilets :p  In any event, really feel finances have nothing much to do with submission.  If we were less financially stable mouse would still be doing everything she does now for Daddy.  Financial worries (and these days who doesn't have those?) can cause added stress to any dynamic.  You do start thinking in more practical terms.  

Submission isn't based on finances, the things mouse does to display her submission to Daddy aren't all that different from things other submissives do everyday to please their own Masters.  

Do you ever feel that your Daddy takes more than he gives?  

No, tho at times when he's super busy it might feel like that, but things always balance out eventually.  

Do you still wake your Dom each morning by sucking his cock?  

Yes, mouse does...he likes it and mouse loves pleasing him that way.  

Thanks for all the wonderful questions...

Have a great weekend!  


  1. Obviously - our situation is different than yours, but i have wondered if we ever would have been able to make this work if we weren't at the point we are in our lives. I have a feeling that i wouldn't have been open to new ideas, much less the work of making changes, if i were consumed with making ends meet and overwhelmed with the worry and stress of not being settled or fairly stable.

  2. ROFL -- never once had I thought you might be TG -- not a hint of it



  3. GG -- well that thought had crossed mouse's mind, but realistically if your financial situation changed would you change your dynamic back to how it was before?

    SFP -- yes mouse did a spit-shot across the computer screen when she read that!

    Thanks for the comments


  4. mouse,
    You're right - if our circumstances changed the dynamic would likely stay. I think that is part of how our situation is different from yours - we did need to learn so much and start from the very beginning. Not sure we would have started the journey at another time in our lives. I'm glad we're here now tho.

  5. Dear Mouse,

    I'm not entirely sure why being confused for a trans woman is something to be ashamed of or found amusing, nor why being trans man would make you less of a 'manly' man. Buck Angel for example strikes me as the epitome of a manly man, and I don't see what his genitalia have to do with it. I guess you might not have thought about the implications of your answer, but maybe a bit more thought before you send off a post?



  6. Bunny,

    Think you misunderstood, mouse was only clarifying that Daddy is male and mouse is female. There was nothing else intended. Yes, mouse found the comment somewhat amusing since she's been keeping the blog for a few years now, so it should be kinda clear that she's female.

    However mouse intended no disrespect to her TG brothers and sisters.


  7. squirrel and I could learn a lot here. you are both so lucky to have what you have. And lots of interesting questions.

    Was the trans question out of the blue? What an odd thing to ask.


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