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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Falling snow and blowing leaves

Seems like such an odd combination, but the snow started falling this afternoon and hasn't stopped. No real accumulation going on. That'll happen overnight if the weather continues.

Today, possibly because of the weather mouse is feeling very domestic. Finished all the chores and got caught up on the laundry. Dinner is under control too. It's kinda nice. Also wrapped up work for the year.

Yep the whole year, well what's left of it.

Hard to believe next week begins the holiday season. Another year is nearly done. A new year ahead brings some new optimism. Or at the very least indifference --Ha! Maybe it's time that mouse put away the sandals? Summer isn't coming back, fall is quickly giving way to winter and what a long winter it's going to be. Still, the house is warm, clean and above all quiet. A warmth fills mouse with contentment and really no worried at all about the holiday madness. It'll all get done or not and that's all good.

It's odd to find mouse in such a contemplative mood, but counting blessings is far easier than leaves or snowflakes.

And today mouse feels very blessed.


  1. And somehow easier to do with falling leaves and snowflakes...

    I'm feeling lulled just reading about it. :-)

  2. I'm feeling the same as Js, mmm. Thank you Mouse.


  3. aww glad all is well in your world


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