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Monday, November 28, 2011

flip of a switch

Good morning,

On Thanksgiving mouse slipped and called Omega, Daddy in front of everyone. Now it wasn't a big deal...Daddy made a "who's your daddy joke," that went on for a while but no harm was done....

On Saturday morning, after our shower Daddy tormented mouse a little about it...honestly, she had put the whole thing behind her and hadn't given it a lot of thought. He wanted to know if mouse enjoyed calling him Daddy in front of everyone...How did the gaff make her feel. Did it make her clit vibrate?

Ya, he wanted to know if mouse got hot.

No, she really didn't...just said it and moved on...but...will admit something small registered later when he asked, "who's your daddy," and smacked mouse's backside playfully in front of everyone after the meal. That was done for a laugh...again not a big deal...

So Saturday morning, he decided to "punish," mouse for her social mistake.

Now it wasn't a real punishment...but it was fun.

He growled at mouse to finger herself while he watched, asking if she was a hot little bitch for Daddy. He totally directed the action, then as mouse was just ready to take off in orgasmic bliss he slapped on the clamps. The ouch was audible but mouse liked it.

A lot

Soon mouse was begging for more while Daddy watched his wanton little pain slut whirl. He said that she was a bad little girl and spanked her bottom while she continued to masturbate herself into a frenzy. By the time she got fucked by him she was worked up and became someone that mouse doesn't really know. The object.

The toy that registers pain but doesn't really care about it. When she's like that Omega can do whatever he wants to her and she'd just let it go...

We played like that for around three hours...well, nearly before slipping into an exhausted coma. During that time, mouse remained super close to Daddy. The need and desire to be close him was crushing mouse. Pulverizing her until there wasn't anything left except for Daddy and bits of mouse.

After that the world revolved around Daddy and his needs. Oh how he loves it when mouse is 'on," like that. When his needs are met before they have a chance to register to his brain. He is imprinted on her brain, and she knows him so well. Her nature was just to please him and remain oh so submissive to him.

Now, mouse will admit those times are kinda rare that she's "on" like that but something was different this time. It's lasted, beyond that day...into Sunday and this morning too. Obviously mouse is going to have to ponder this more, but honestly she's not complaining or putting much effort into those thoughts. There's only a lot of happiness that the feelings are there.



  1. Sounds like you should make mistakes like that more often- oh no that would be wrong (giggle)

  2. Holy moly I have wondered how you easily turn that word off and stop yourself from using it in public when you use it in private all the time now... and I would like to think that since you've got *kiddo* that maybe that's why you said it and it could be explained away bc Omega is truly in fact a Daddy and was before you started calling him that... This is something I've had a hard time w myself. I call Himself Mister. Just bc I want to and I came up w it all on my own. He says he likes it bc it's cute personal and respectful but I feel like not a public thing... So I don't call him anything in public. I just start talking.
    I feel weird using his actual name and never have.
    Do you ever say Omegas actual name out loud when talking to him?
    What do you usually use in public?

    Thanks, Mouse!


  3. SBF - Haha! Thinking the same thing!

    Genna - Ya, it was totally easily explained mentally by people there, but Daddy made it into a running joke. Now the first time mouse called him Omega, well that required some 'splaining. And it seems the only time mouse calls him by his real name is when she's super pissed at him. We're talking major pissed. And not pissy or hormonal, just really pissed off.

    Oh and at super vanilla work-type events...


  4. Oh dear I can only imagine how you explained why you call him Omega but on the other hand... Couples have so many different "pet" names for each other these days people prolly don't even skip a beat. If I heard it I would just think Omega is something cute between the 2 of you that is special. ( what's funny.... Is that it is, lol ) but ya know what I mean.
    Himself calls me little bean, lol, which makes people giggle. And brown bear bc I'm mixed lol... He's German so brown bear does get some raised eye brows but I don't care what people think.... He can call me whatever he wants...
    He's got a pretty "important" stuffy job so he calls me by name during those times but I would answer to little bean even if he didn't.... :)

    Have a great week Mouse!

    Genna aka brown bear lol

  5. Yeah some people freak over Daddy but I have given up on trying to deny it.

    It is too hard to call his given name and so to heck with it.


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