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Friday, December 2, 2011


Greetings from mouse (and updated below),

Yesterday, Daddy called mouse into his study to discuss her demerit count for the month. Truthfully, mouse remained hopeful she'd dodged a bullet. However, as he began talking she realized quickly that she hadn't. Holding herself together, she fought back the tears.

The problem was she stopped listening to him and focused on what her punishment could be. Mentally as mouse strayed from Daddy, she felt the ground seemingly swallowing her up.

Daddy's voice thundered through her head, how long had she been kneeling there, worse still how long had he been talking? Long enough to realize mouse hadn't been listening. He was annoyed with his slave and demanded to know what was thinking. Was she thinking of ways to improve her submission? No. Was she considering ways to please her Master? No.

Quivering not from any fear but from knowing how deeply she'd disappointed him and lowered her head to the floor, begging forgiveness.

Not listening is a big hot button issue for all of us at times, tho Daddy is much better at actively listening than mouse is. The actual demerits hadn't been so bad after all. But now because mouse had checked out mentally, while Daddy, her Master was talking to her; that was a different situation.

Master decided since it was just the beginning of the month and mouse has struggled with this in past, a strong correction was needed. He wasn't about to repeat all he had said before and made the slave repeat each sentence he did speak, just to be certain she was hearing him now.

He wasted no time having her present her backside across his desk and had her kiss the strap before applying it to her bottom. Struggling not to squirm the slave counted. Then she was presented again the strap, which she dutifully kissed and thanked Master.

It wasn't over. The cane was next. 5 strokes was more than enough to remind mouse of her place. They were not light strikes and skin was (lightly) broken, which Master tended to.

He led her up the stairs, dispensed with rituals and diapered her. Master chained his slave to the bed. He didn't talk to her or stroke her hair. The slave was mentally too anguished to say anything than to offer more apologies as she drifted off to sleep.

Early this morning mouse roused Daddy with her mouth and when he woke he roughly took her. A deep mouth fuck for the slave as she choked on him.

It's not at all clear if this correction continued into the morning. Still need to get Daddy's breakfast on the table and start the prep for dinner tonight.

We're supposed to get a light snow (who knows really they get it wrong much more often than right), so mouse will make sure Daddy will have his wool overcoat and hat. Maybe an umbrella too.

Update: During breakfast things were fine. Daddy left for work with a smile on his face and mouse feels like the weight of the world has been lifted...promise Daddy/Master to try to listen more carefully from now on!


  1. That whole listening thing trips me up also.

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to focus when you are trying to figure out what is comong next. I have had to have Master repeat....not a happy occurence. abby


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