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Monday, December 5, 2011


Salutations from Omega,

Since mouse seems to use this greeting in her journal posts, I decided to use this as well as it might help to cut down on confusion as to who is composing.

After reading her journal post on Friday, I understood that discussion was needed. It is of my mindset that slaves require certain measures from their dominant and absent those, we will call them Dom obligations, the dynamic suffers. Mouse did not listen to what I was expressing to her on that day. Yes, she was duly punished for the offense of making assumptions. You cannot read the liner notes of novel and write a competent report on the subject. The same is true when listening, as it is different from simply hearing. I assure you, her hearing is fine, it is in the listening where things become dodgy.

As she wrote, she "checked out," of the conversation and indeed she had. I decided to levy correction at once. I explained why I was offended and accepted her disappointment. Yet, upon waking me in the AM hour, I was still and I believe rightfully so, a trifle miffed at her. Had she written up that post after breakfast, I doubt she would have given the early morning another thought. I had her consider ways to improve her listening skills and write about those in our private journal, which was completed today.

However, it did strike me for a moment or three, how tenuous our connection is and easily unsettled mouse can become. It is not her fault for this, in fact I am rather proud of her when she is of conscientious mind. I began considering other dynamics that she and I would discuss, a submissive with an issue in dealing with her Dominant.

It is fine to have many rules, early on we had a roughly 150 individual rules. From those I would pull a few for mouse to focus on. Over-time we dismissed most of the rules and left in place the few, which encompassed all the others. This gave mouse the direction she needed to carry about her day. Now, one simply cannot create rules for their submissive minded girl, and then sit back, doing nothing further save for requiring adherence to said rules. I control mouse in what she wears, how she speaks, how she carries herself in a public setting and even the meals she prepares. I involved myself in this process and am as vested as she.

Some allow the slave/submissive to set her own rules to follow, I find this to be rather lazy, however done correctly it can prove useful. All slaves require constancy. That is not negotiable and often over-looked by their counterparts, especially those with little experience. If you make a rule or give a command it is your job as Dominant to make certain that task is carried out to your satisfaction. If you do not care, why bother at all? She requires that you follow through, she wants to know that she is being held accountable for her actions -- not simply some of the time, but all of it. The slave requires correction when she knowingly fails in her duty. No, she demands correction; she needs it as she needs air to breathe and water to drink.


  1. Greetings,
    As a submissive, I totally agree.
    Little unsettles me more than to err and not receive the agreed upon consequence of that error. It makes me wonder whether the rule no longer has meaning to my Dom, or whether having rules at all no longer has meaning to him.
    Sometimes we talk the situation through rather than physical punishment, but there has to be some attention paid to the situation, or I am left hanging.



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