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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pampered slave

Greetings from mouse,

We had such a busy weekend, Daddy decorated the house, well the yard. He drew up a plan of where he wanted the lights to go and set to work making it happen. He said that maybe next weekend, weather permitting we'll get a tree. Yay! While Daddy did all that he surprised mouse by sending her out with her friends to get a little pampering. Nails and toes plus a massage (of course mouse was completely discrete about the welts and lashes on her bottom -- which heightened the excitement)! It was heavenly. We drank wine and ate great food and laughed a lot. Of course this led to the normal husband bashing that goes on when you get a group of women together, but mouse doesn't let that bother her...she just doesn't participate in it.

While mouse was out he handled the purchasing of all the lights and had everything arranged by the time he picked up mouse at the day spa. That evening mouse was sooooo very relaxed she spent much of the night nearly pestering Daddy to show him how grateful she was. Daddy had other ideas as he gathered up everyone and we went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. Seemed so early but everyone has them up around here. Then we stopped in at a coffee shop and had hot cocoa. The place was decorated so cute for a dickens theme going on. Whole town really.

It's weird because each year mouse seems to forget how wonderful this town is at Christmas. All the buildings twinkle with lights and the trees too. Each year mouse marvels at it. Everyone seems so happy with those easy smiles...the ones that just naturally bubble up. We had planned to stop at the bakery but it was already closed (duh), instead we got some fruit, apples and pears at the vegetable stand. Well, they don't just carry veggies and fruits...they also do milk, cheese and eggs from local growers. Further down the road there's a florist and butch shop with a great deli. Honestly, mouse doesn't shop there very often because they charge a bit more and the market is more convenient. Plus it sells everything..but mouse gets pangs of guilt thinking all those little shops could one day just vanish because of that.

Upstairs Master had mouse get onto her knees and inspected her, and checked her marks from the cane. He grabbed and probed her body and made her quiver. He chained her to the bed, and did things to her to make her want to scream in passion...unleashing the slut was so easy for him. He told her to remain silent and forbid her to orgasm until he was ready...he toyed and eventually ripped each orgasm from her body. Each one pulsated through her body as he made her dance on that invisible string. When he was done, he unchained her, wrapped her up and covered her with his own body like a blanket.

Sunday morning mouse tried to slip from the bed to make his coffee and get his breakfast started but he pulled her close to him refusing to let her go. He grabbed her wrists and forced himself between her legs (like that was a big struggle). He used her thoroughly then told her to get busy with his coffee.

The playful swat on the ass really got mouse moving. The whole day and well into the evening was much like that...he demanded use of his property and he demanded her service. Gotta say mouse enjoyed it a lot.


  1. I love days that flow like that. Happiness times two!


  2. lil - it really was

    Faithful - The whole day was just bliss...

    Donna - oooooh it was just a nice break.

    Thanks so much for the comments,


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