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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reorganizing of mouse

Greetings from mouse,

One of the things that Daddy lately that mouse just melts over is that he had her arrange her clothing.  Not just skirts, dresses, etc.  But like a  skirt and blouse, sweater (or whatever), scarf (mouse is required to wear a scarf over her head), purse, and jewelry.  Everything goes on that one hanger, well sometimes two but they're kept together to avoid confusion.  Shoes are stowed right below -- there's no end to those.  Now some purses do go with other stuff,  but mouse is free to change them around.  Each week Daddy watches as mouse lays out 7 complete outfits.  He's made sure that she has enough accessories to go with each.  (this is actually the process he uses to decide on his suits) for the week.

Then sweatpants are chosen, now mouse only has a couple pairs of those, but Daddy selects the tops.  Each morning after Daddy leaves for work, mouse starts her day.  First things she does is go upstairs and see what she'll be wearing.  Ok the gym clothes don't interest her (unless they're absent which means she can skip the gym).

Never did mouse think that having someone else control what you wear could be fun...but somehow that's how mouse sees it.  Sure she gets to pick the blouse, skirt..but he'll sometimes deliberately pick a black bra that just pushes mouse's boobs up and doesn't cover them, to wear under a very thin white blouse, now of course this is usually covered by a cardigan type sweater and no one would know the difference but  Adding the garter and hose, heels...and he's made the most conservative outfit feel downright slutty!

He commented once recently to mouse that he wanted her to be a lusty bitch in pearls...

He wasn't kidding.


  1. Mouse can you please share why you wear a scarf to cover your head?
    Thank you Hugs

  2.'s not over mouse's head like a's just a scarf over the hair..yanno? Keeps it from flying around in wind.

    Really should have clarified that

    Daddy just likes mouse to look like a lady when she goes out. He says jeans and tee shirts are for cleaning and "mucking" around. But when mouse is out in public how she looks, he feels reflects on him whether he's around or not.

    The scarf is removed when mouse enters a store, then is reapplied when she leaves.

    Hope that answers your question..


  3. I have never understood why more Dom males are not into this kind of control. Fashion is Domly and having your girl turned out as you like all the time is down right sexy.

  4. It is very often overlooked and therefore a missed opportunity at subtle control.

    Be well,

  5. Could you tell us more details of Mouse's dress code?
    I'm sure it would be inspiring.

  6. How adorable that you wear a probably look all 1950's chic. :) You are such an amazing inspiration to me..sometimes I read your blog in awe at your willingness and submission....
    I think if my husband was picking out my clothes I'd be scared

  7. Sir and I are starting to explore this. I have just one basic rule for now - dresses and skirts when out of the home. Were we to cohabitate, I would delight in having him instruct me on what to wear for the week.

    Once, I tried to initiate this myself, but it really backfired in my face; I also wasn't thinking in the right submissive frame of mind. I think in this context, however, it could be wonderful.


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