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Friday, December 9, 2011


Greetings from mouse,

Sometimes Daddy does little things that drives mouse absolutely crazy. The other night mouse was curled up at his feet, all settled to do a little blog reading.

Then it starts..."mouse, would you..."

The first time, it's "of course Daddy, whatever you want,"The second time it's the same.

The third, forth, and fifth times, mouse is still providing service with a smile.

The tenth's getting old.

The twentieth time, and who knew he come up with so many different things, mouse is quietly and seriously getting downright agigitates.

By the twenty-third time, mouse gives up trying to read and instead just waits...He waits...Slowly, mouse reaches for the pad.

He clears his throat.

Slowly mouse presses a button to look at blogs. "mouse do you mind..."

At this point mouse is ready to fling the pad across the room, and scream..Yes she does mind"

Instead she looks up into Daddy's eyes...

He smiles...

Really he smirks.

He unzips his trousers, shifting in his chair and mouse's eyes widen.

How could she refuse that? He's tied a bow to his man-meat. Like its a present. A gift just for mouse.

A gift she didn't even know she wanted.


  1. Hahaha! Man-meat... it made me smile at first... then O commented and I bust up laughing!

    You are a patient woman. After the 7th time I probably would have just said, "no! leave me alone!" regardless of the consequences.

  2. Man-meat? and a bow?

    ROFLMAO!!!!!Oh, mouse, thank you for sharing this wonderful little tidbit.

    23 times?
    I would have tried to strangle him long before that.

  3. like the kitty sitting on the newspaper, He was demanding your attention....that's really sweet, too. you should probably keep Him.



  4. Good things, knottylittlemonkey, come to those who demonstrate patience. B-)

    - O

  5. This one is - not a limit - maybe you would call it a trigger - my father is very disabled physically - has been since i was little - we - the kids and my mom - did EVERYTHING for him - all the time - stop what we were doing and do this, get this, fix this, CONSTANTLY. My mom still lives this way - with him.

    It took me years after i moved out to learn to relax and focus on a task once i sat down, not to be edgy waiting for the next order. My husband has found ways to ask me to do things or attend to him that don't trigger a really bad response - but i'm quite sure i would never make it to 23.

  6. You had me there until the last sentence. She did know she wanted it, that's way obvious from reading your other blog and even the few entries on your new blog. She did too know she wanted it.


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