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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Greetings from mouse,

It's true, lately we've been very content together. We combine our parts into a well-oiled machine. This is all working well for us. There's this weird blanket of peacefulness covering us now.

When it happened...maybe the final part was the diapers...the final piece of whatever that mouse needed to lose. But something happened inside of mouse. The more she gave, the freer she felt, the more contained she felt, the more she looked to Daddy to guidance, to seek his counsel, the happier she felt (he loves that part too). A friend recently brought up some political news to mouse, and to be honest, mouse truly had no clue. The truth was, she also didn't care. All interest in that subject was gone. If there is something she needs to know, she will simply ask Daddy what he thinks about it...

Wait!? Really? Well, actually yeah. Yet, mouse can't explain why she feels that way, or at least put into words. It's a great conversation starter and getting his take on something, might inspire mouse to look into it more -- whatever it is.

Sunday evening we went through the weekly ritual of arranging clothing. Daddy meticulously went over mouse's schedule for the week. Then he made notes and arranged her hangers, the outfits she'll wear during the week. He likes mouse dressed nicely for dinner and it makes mouse feel pretty to do that. Actually, he insists and mouse likes that he demands it so.

Evenings are still mouse's favorite time, after cleaning up the dinner dishes, mouse sits quietly at Daddy's feet. Then mouse will sometimes bring up house issues or things that need to be done that require his hand. He'll sometimes need to talk to mouse about his day, which mouse will just nicely listen to him. Mostly he likes mouse close and there's really few things mouse likes better.

The truth is we both have a strong commitment to our relationship and all the parts that make it work. Daddy could have the most horrible day, come home and feel the world fall away, but mouse helps with that. Our home should soothe him, and be his refuge. And it brings happiness to give that to him.

It works that way for mouse too. If the day seems like nothing's going right, making little things right for him helps center mouse. He, without realizing provides a ballast for mouse. It calls her home.


  1. sounds perfect, good for you.

  2. As it should be. What a loving post!

  3. I love that feeling of calm peacefulness, it really puts you at a balance.

  4. J Sir -- it is wonderful. It's taken mouse time to figure it out, but now it seems so obvious.

    Dannah -- Thank you very much.

    Vanilla -- yes! The peaceful state does give way to feeling balanced. What's even better is that when we go through trying times, we handle it better.

    Thank you so much for the comments,

  5. Please don't take this as critique. I am really trying to understand. How can one go, in the space of months, from a woman who lived in the world (had a job, bought a house as a surprise, had political thoughts, etc.) to someone whose goal in life is to have no opinions, to dress nicely and conventionally, and to sit at her husband's feet? I just don't understand how one's personality can change so radically? Doesn't the former "you" ever feel, well, bored?

  6. Honestly, mouse... I envy you. I know envy is not an attractive emotion, but it is the fact. How sweet and soft and gentle your world seems. I am so glad for you both.


  7. Anonymous -- Ok, let's put it into perspective a little, we married in 2009, bought the summer house in July 2010 as a sorta first anniversary gift. The changes happened slowly over the course of the years we've been together. We have grown. It's been nice, but hardly what mouse would call the span of months.

    It's just mouse that's gone through changes, Omega has too. He's...he's more like the man she knew before. He's learned to be more intimate and loving. He gives to mouse so much! He doesn't hide himself. It hasn't been all sunshine and lollipops. We've had some serious problems and no-so-serious ones.

    There have been issues with control too that mouse has had. In the last year tho things did start to click together for us.

    Hope that helps and mouse never considered what you wrote a critism.


  8. Sue -- it's taken us a lot to get there. It's taken us both a long time to heal. Even when we thought we were healed we still had more work to do. And even today, we have work to do. We continue to work, but its so much easier now. It hardly seems like work!

    Not to be sound presumptuous but mouse thinks that on a superficial level at least Sue, you and mouse have much in common.

    Hugs and love,

  9. It sounds like you are quite happy mouse. I'm glad for you. P.S. I like the new look!

  10. I'm happy for you Mouse. Lovely post and a perfect title.



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