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Monday, January 9, 2012

A different look at orgasm control

Good morning from mouse,

Recently, someone asked a question, if Daddy controls mouse's orgasms. The answer was yes, and no. It's not an easy answer, or really easy to explain. In general, no, Daddy doesn't prevent mouse from orgasms. What he does is, at times, use mouse solely for his pleasure and if she gets off, great. He hasn't an issue with that. If mouse orgams while providing him with oral, by rubbing herself against him, it's great. He feels it's primal, almost animal-like.

When we go out, and he inserts the egg, if mouse has one good orgasm or twenty is of no consequence to him.

Now, when he licks mouse down there, as he'll sometimes do, again she is free to experience whatever. Yes, she will always orgasm -- several times in fact. If Daddy commands mouse to masturbate, she will do so until she orgasms, unless he stops her or gives her a time limit.

All this actually amounts to a whole lot of orgasm control. Daddy really does control when mouse can orgasm or not. By the rules, mouse is forbidden to touch herself, and nothing may be inserted into mouse unless directed by him. This includes tampons, so when that time of the month comes, mouse must be diapered or use pads (sorry if that's tmi). So permission must be granted or suggested by him and at his discretion.

So he doesn't have to say, you can't until further notice...he just won't provide an opportunity for it to happen.

Now mouse admit, most days she doesn't give this a whole lotta thought, except when he pulls out a diaper. The instant he puts it on mouse, it's all she can think about. Probably because he won't use her while it's on. And it makes her sexually crazy. For one thing they're not comfortable. They're hot...and not in that "hot" way, but physically hot. He rolls up a cloth diaper right up against mouse's sex and puts the larger diaper over it...which rubs mouse literally the wrong way tugging and adding pressure against the rings, which adds to her sexual frustration. Kinda devious don't you think?

Each time it's the same, mouse rebels against way will she pee! Nope, not happening, but eventually she resigns that she must, because she can't take it off and he will refuse. Now, this isn't something we do very often anymore, but it falls under the topic. It makes her very aware of his control and that instantly makes her horny.


  1. I think it's wonderful how you and Daddy have developed an erotic and controlling dynamic that works so well for you. Every relationship is different and orgasm control is near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for sharing your perspective (in all its details)!

    love, squirrel

  2. Squirrel,

    Thanks for your comment and yes everyone is different, some prefer overt control. It's interesting.


  3. Hmmm - orgasms and the control thereof are a complicated topic here. Maybe someday i'll be brave enough to wonder about it.

  4. Green girl,

    Well, for one mouse does hope you do. Would love to read your thoughts on it!



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