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Friday, January 6, 2012


Greetings from mouse,After the holidays, Tuesday morning brought a flurry of activity. None that was completely planned. It sucks when things just go wrong. Breakfast was burned, which set off the smoke alarm -- always a fun way to start the morning. The fridge in the garage got unplugged, and everything in there was defrosted before we noticed!

So mouse spent the day cooking everything that had nearly defrosted! Oh and the reason, the fridge was unplugged?? Well it happened on accident. Two plugs were in that outlet, one led outside to the lights, the other to the fridge. Guess which one was supposed to be unplugged??

Really it's both our faults, we asked the kiddo to do it, and didn't double check.

Had the smoke alarm not gone off, mouse wouldn't have noticed it tho.

Have to say, there was a hint of cleverness to how mouse used up all the food. We had 5 frozen chickens, so three went to make stock. One was cut up and cooked cacciatore style, the last one was roasted. We had two roasts, which were both cooked. One will be used for sandwiches, lunch for the week, the other was a chuck roast, which was cut up and used to make Chili Colorado, then refrozen!

The hamburger was used up in a lasagna, meat balls, and other stuff that could be easily refrozen -- and let mouse just say that hates making lasagna!

The seafood was the hardest to deal with. Some of that had defrosted faster than the chicken, meats, so much of that was tossed out. Daddy wasn't thrilled about that either, but agreed that was the safest way.

Now our house freezer is filled and the extra frozen foods won't long as mouse remembers to defrost/use them. Ha!

So with that in mind and after careful consideration mouse will roll out her resolutions for the New Year.
  • To show more daily gratitude to everyone in her life, instead of waiting for an occasion, i.e., birthday or special holiday, to do so.
  • To be more, ahem, organized.
  • To learn that cooking daily is not a chore, but a chance to demonstrate love.
  • To find peace in her submission and slavery to Daddy.
Ok, that last one was a bit of a throw-a-way, because mouse is kinda peaceful in her submission.

Now, that's not to suggest that her patience isn't tried, or that he's just always right. It means that she will hold her tongue more...or bite through the damn thing trying.

Like everything in life, there's always room for improvement.


  1. mouse I lol'ed at the "bite though trying".

    I really like your resolution to show your gratitude to the people in your life. A worthy and thoughtful resolution.

  2. Hmmm thanks for reminding me I have chicken to cook today and my daddy mentioned cacciatore. Good job on cooking for the month!

  3. little monkey -- Yes!!!!!! Been biting through that tongue a lot lately. But it's true during the holidays we cram a years worth of gratitude into just 1 month. It's silly.

    Mindset -- Yes and it's come in pretty handy so far....

  4. Definitely clever you. Not heard of cacciatore before. Will have to look that one up.

    I like you first resolution - 'To show more daily gratitude to everyone in her life, instead of waiting for an occasion, i.e., birthday or special holiday.'


  5. You sound like quite the chef, mouse :)

    I like your resolutions especially the first one.

    Take care. Sky

  6. it is brilliant the way that you always manage to turn things around on your blog mouse... thank you for sharing

  7. I like the resolution that cooking is a chance to demonstrate love. Or really that any unexpected hardship (like your freezer defrosting!) is a chance to demonstrate submission. Even if you bite your tongue off. :-)

    I'm glad it worked out and you didn't have to throw too much food away.

    love, squirrel

  8. Wow, mouse, you crammed a lot of cooking into one day! Necessity can be an excellent motivator, I guess. Anyway, I can sympathize with the "setting of the smoke alarm" thing. Though I usually manage to do this while cooking dinner rather than breakfast. It's not a great way to end the day, either!

  9. Ronnie -- cacciatore is really good. Totally give it a try. The first resolution was the easiest. Daddy asked for 4.

    Sky -- ooooh no! Just made things that mouse knew she couldn't screw up with stuff we (mostly) already had on hand. Used up everything in our pantry doing it all too. But really just had to buy a few things at the store...needed some extra jar sauce for lasagna and ricotta. And now mouse has tons of chicken stock!! Really forgot how easy it was to do.

    Saffy -- it isn't always easy, but often when going through the process of writing mouse realizes things aren't as bad. All that cooking wasn't fun, but now mouse has meatballs ready to be dunked in sauce for a quick meal. Or a lasagna ready to be cooked...not to mention the chicken stock...only wish mouse had thought to store some of that in smaller 1 cup containers...

    Squirrel -- well there was a whole lotta of yelling whennit was discovered! Cursing too...but really what else could you do? Throwing everything out wasn't an option.

    Jake -- it was the toaster that set off the smoke alarm...and it's a constant joke around here that the smoke alarm indicates when dinner is ready...seriously what designer put the smoke alarm right next to the kitchen!? It's humiliating when you open the oven to check on something during a dinner party and have the blasted thing go off. Especially when NOTHING is burning.

    Thanks everyine for the comments...aboslutely love hearing from you!



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