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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Untitled musings

Greetings from mouse,

Not sure what the title of this post will be, so for now while mouse works through these feelings, it remains untitled. Recently, during the week between Christmas and New Years Daddy was in his study on the sofa reading a book he received for Chanukah. Seated at his feet upon the floor, mouse attentively waited for direction. Well, she was being attentive at first, then her mind wandered, drifting far from where she was. Maybe it was the music, the sound of rain beating down and her relaxed state of mind that sent her drifting. Daddy's foot gently touched mouse, bringing her back quickly. Blushing, as though caught doing something wrong, mouse offered an awkward apology to Daddy.

Now, no apology was really needed and deep down mouse knew she had done nothing wrong, save for missing a directive. That part she was certain, so politely mouse asked if there was something Daddy needed. He quipped his needs were many but all he wanted was a cup of warm water and lemon.

At once mouse padded off to the kitchen to fetch it for Daddy. Something struck her, she cut lemon wedges and arranged them in a silver dish. Took out a pretty cup and saucer, arranged those on the tray and filled the pot with hot water and carried that into the study. There she sat it at his feet and poured the hot water, added the lemon and handed it to him.

He sipped from the cup, returned it to the saucer and handed it back to mouse. As she was about to return it to the tray, she caught a look of disapproval. So she held the cup and saucer for him. Acting as his table, he continued reading and would pick up the cup, take a sip and return it.

Thankfully, mouse had the wherewithal to use a small cup because soon enough it was empty. He politely refused a second cup to mouse's relief. Then he asked for a foot rub, which mouse was more than happy to oblige. Hitting all the needed spots, mouse felt compelled to kiss Daddy's feet. Daddy isn't very comfortable with overt displays such as that but short of punishment the need burned too deeply to be stopped.

Sometimes mouse would look up at him while she licked his feet and he had the most perplexing look on his face. As though he was trying to get inside mouse's head at that moment. Undaunted mouse continued.

Eventually, mouse paused and rested her head against his feet and wondered if he could feel her love for him? He reached down and pulled her into his lap and held her for a while. Certainly in that moment he could have done anything to her, painful or not.

He moved her, laying her down across the sofa and rested his body on hers. His movements were painfully slow it seemed as he hiked up her skirt and her body was on fire for him.

Allowing him to take his pleasure, to effectively use her, didn't diminish her desire, even when he brought her so close to orgasm. His climax shook her and for several moments remained motionless. Slowly he pushed himself off of mouse, and without a word, she immediately began to lick him clean of our juices.

Daddy fixed his trousers, as mouse straightened her skirt. When mouse was ready to slip off the sofa, he stopped her, pulled her close and reopened his book. After finding his place, he read to her. The sound of his velvet voice vibrated through her.


  1. Hi Omega & Mouse,

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a long while but have never posted. I wish you both a Happy New Year!

  2. Hi there

    I *think* this is the first time I've commented on your blog, but this post compelled me to do just that.

    Reading through the post for a second, then third time, I was struck by just how deep the intimacy was at that moment, as Mouse laid her head at Daddy's feet, and then again as Daddy read to Mouse.

    I don't know why, but I really feel quite affected by it, in a good way.

    When I eventually find my love, *that* is what I want, to be wholly adored, and cherished.

    Wonderful post, Mouse

    B x

  3. It is fascinating - the small things that can have such enormous meaning, that the intense connection can happen in an unexpected moment. You capture it so beautifully though.

  4. dancingbarez -- Hope you comment more often!

    Butterfly Flip -- Thanks and come back and comment again.

    greengirl -- It's true! That's exactly how mouse felt at that moment. And it was really nice!



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