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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remember when?

Greetings from mouse,

It seems lately, with things settling into a routine, more or less, mouse has found time to read blogs. It's a way of keeping mouse sane so let's go with it?

Sin wrote something that made mouse smile and was going to tell the story there, but the baby was hungry and everything came grinding to a halt. It was about a scene with her Big Bad and her reintroduction into pain play. You can read it here, mouse will wait.

What struck mouse at the time was the last line about how he probably enjoyed it more than she did. The thought that ran through mouse's mind was just wait...

There's been times where Daddy and mouse have played and mouse will admit it's mostly the stuff we did in the distant past that Daddy felt was done mostly for him or his benefit and mouse was just the object he used.

After mouse more less could communicate, she wasn't thrilled with the scene...It made him feel good and that was fine...but she wasn't thrilled with it -- at least at that time.

Then a month or longer would pass, Daddy in bed with mouse cuddling and talking about whatever...and somehow the subject of past scenes would come up...and mouse would say...'remember that one we did (insert details about the scene) and mouse wasn't that into it....Yanno, it was pretty hot when you did (whatever). At the time...didn't really think much of it, but it was really hot and intense and kinda nice...maybe we should try that again sometime?"

That's the way it was with the violet wand. It started out with mouse hating that damn thing and screaming the moment it would come out. But then when it didn't make an appearance she felt let down a little.

Now that it's gone, she finds sometimes she actually misses it.

Just not that much.


  1. There have been a few things that i didn't love or that didn't go quite as expected, or that i felt i let him down in my responses. I've wondered how to bring that up. and i've wondered if i would be able to get past my previous hang up or fear or whatever it was that made it not-so-hot the first time if he ever did decide to try again. And yea - some things do intrigue me now - maybe that's a good sign.

  2. Green girl,

    It happens that way sometimes. It's crazy but true. Talk to him about. it's always a good thing to revisit past things you've done. Start talking about the really good parts and move onto the stuff that intrgues you now.


  3. Interesting, Mouse, and I can totally see how this could happen. Very cool.


  4. aisha,
    It is cool, especially when you realize that they're not so much pushing limits as you are losing them.

    And mouse truly believes this happens as trust builds.


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