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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dust in the wind

Greetings from mouse,

It's super early here...the baby was fussy, but now all settled and snoozing. The problem is mouse couldn't settle her mind so she decided to give up. Breakfast is under control, the scones are chilling in the fridge ready for a hot oven later...mouse enjoys doing little things like that to please Daddy. Did a little tidying up in the kitchen...the housekeeper comes today.

Yes, the housekeeper, cleaning lady, whatever you wish to call her, comes twice a week to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Really, once a week would be fine but Daddy insisted. Now, mouse thought that would be easy...just sit back and watch someone else clean. It's not. Since we've been together, mouse has for better or worse been the one the cleaning responsibilities fell on.
The housekeeper does a wonderful job...mouse discovered tho, she's a control freak about the cleaning...obviously Daddy has influenced that when she wasn't looking but it's true.

The first day the housekeeper came mouse just about killed herself cleaning everything. Ya. Didn't want her to think we lived like wolves. The housekeeper arrived, probably thinking this was an easy gig, and recleaned added a few things...

This continued...until Daddy said STOP IT. Yes, he yelled. But mouse kinda ignored it. Then the next time, the baby was cranky and mouse couldn't get all the things she normall did finished. The housekeeper arrived...looked around and smiled at mouse. There were dishes in the sink, the kitchen table needed cleaning...crumbs on the floor....

The cleaning lady grinned and set off to work...humming...

Seriously it took mouse nearly a month to figure it out...sometimes you really need to knock her over the head...


  1. My mother cleans before the housekeeper arrives, I just laugh at her.

  2. I think my housekeeper gets joy from her work when things are a bit disordered.

    which isn't hard for me to accomplish.

    let her do her work.
    I bet she likes to feel needed as much as she likes to get the check.


  3. hello mouse and Omega, i am normally a lurker and dont believe i have ever commented... but would like to say that i have read your blog for a while now and somewhat live vicariously thru your writing since my Sir and i are not yet 24/7 - and i do know all relationships are different, but i have leaned so much from you and culling chaos that i just had to say thank you and congratulations your the little bundle of love !

  4. Ok a baby and now a cleaning lady? Lady your just full of surprises:)
    Sounds like your life is ever changing and all sounds great:)) yay for you and Omega!

  5. Big hugs, Mouse. I thinki it's ok to straighten a little, but yeah, not cleaning first...

    i'm glad Omega stopped you.


  6. SBF -- Giess it is kinda silly

    strivingforpeace -- Goondess, it's not hard for things to get disorganized here too, especially lately. Youre right, the housekeeper was all smiles.

    sugar -- thanks so much for commenting and thank you. :-)

    GennaGirl -- We're very happy and blessed.

    aisha -- Lesson learned!! Lol

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    <3's and hugs,


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