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Thursday, February 2, 2012

a door within the fire creaks

Greetings from mouse,

It's been cold lately, we finally got snow...seems later than usual. Not that mouse is complaining because she hates the white stuff. It fills mouse with dread, she worries that Daddy will have a car accident. Finding grace in those thoughts aren't easy. Really there's nothing good about those thoughts. Daddy noticed it, mouse's quietness and waited patiently for the dam to burst.

It did last week in fact, mouse posted something that she intended to be posted long after Daddy was a work but had what only could be described as a Freudian slip and posted it immediately. The die was cast, he would see it one way or another when he checked the dashboard. He'd see a post was there but not available, and look to see if anything was in draft folder. It was good it worked out the way it did. Really good for us. He stayed home from work, a rarity, and we spent the day in deep discussion.

We're carving out time more for us or at least making the effort and that makes mouse incredibly happy.

Now mouse has to say that the other day was a perfect day. It started by running errands while the cleaning lady did her magic...really cannot say enough about how WONDERFUL it is to walk into a clean house. It was cold, blustery with flurries so mouse decided that she'd cook the roast she got on sale for dinner. Not a fussy meal.

With the baby set up on the counter in her seat mouse set to work. We had a long discussion about maybe switching the witching hour to an earlier time. Baby girl wasn't too receptive of that...but watched as mouse cooked. We chatted about life and lipstick.

Dinner was about an hour away from being done, when mouse made the cocktail for Daddy, and lit the fireplace (it was chilly in there). Kiddo cleared his homework, and set the table. Half hour later Daddy was home, sipping his cocktail, a baby on his lap in front of the fire. Dinner was really nice...and yes mouse lit candles...

It's all about finding a balance and letting go.

We also talked about the blog post, Daddy read it in the morning and was surprised by the insight. He didn't say that mouse hasn't done this before but did mention that this time he believed mouse was way off. He recounted the reasons why and said that mouse doesn't need more stress added to her life -- even if she believes it would alleviate the stress. He didn't think it would. He does very much appreciate all of mouse's efforts to make him feel comfortable. He didn't say they weren't needed, just that he appreciates the effort she makes.

He did mention that he is considering bringing back maintenance for the time being, because he feels that it will help restore some balance mouse needs.

All in all it's been a good week at least so far.


Song selection: Terrapin Station -- Lady with a Fan; R Hunter, J Garcia


  1. Glad things are getting better. Added a new baby into the mix changes your life and it will take time to make those adjustments but it sounds like Omega has everything in hand. Just remember to communicate with him, we have to remember they are not mind readers (even if we wish they where).


    1. Communicating with him isn't a problem...well most of the time. Exhaustion steps

      The mind reader part needs to be taped to mouse's forehead...


    2. Or maybe rather HIS forehead, so mouse can see it...LOL

  2. Sounds like a very cozy afternoon, with the clean house, nice meal, fire in the fireplace and a cuddly baby. That's about perfect! Glad you are carving out those times to be together.


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