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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A lesson learned in time

You need to deal with things that get between you as a couple. Sometimes it gets tricky. Especially if it's another person. When emotions are engaged its hard to disengage its hard to move away from the train wreck you see coming your way.

Sometimes you need to discuss the aftermath.

It's hard tho

You don't want to flat out blame. Yet everything you say sounds like blame.

You want to scream that it's not all your fault, someone else made mistakes. Maybe those mistakes helped. They helped because instead of focusing on your own flaws, you could focus on their flaws. focusing on their flaws, pointing out where everyone else went off the rails doesn't help you. Sure, it can make you feel better about yourself. But in the end, you get to ignore the part you played. The things you should have said but were afraid to express.

After you've carefully pulled apart your role in the mess (by standing by silently), the clarity begins. O wasn't completely to blame. He didn't act alone. In the end the choices were made by all involved. As much as mouse would like to say it was someone else's fault, the bitter truth is we were all to blame. Each bearing our parts. Some, maybe hurt differently than others. Some maybe not at all because they're still stuck blaming and trying to convince others they are right and everyone else is wrong. Meanwhile, O and mouse have moved on at last -- at least on this issue. It played a role in the disintegration, but it wasn't the only piece.

It's something unpredictable that in the end is right.

Song selection: Good Riddence (Time of Your Life); Green Day