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Friday, March 2, 2012

Brain seems bruised with numb surprise

Greetings from mouse,

We're lovers, friends, companions...He is Master, mouse is slave. He is Daddy and mouse is his. We talked more honestly than we've talked since all these troubles started more than a month before. Truthfully the rumbles of uncertainty began months before then.

It wasn't until we nearly gave up that we rediscovered what we really mean to each other. The love that burns deep and bright. We'd thought the fire was out, but fire is tricky, a little breeze and the embers reignite. Wrapped in each others embrace, the fire consumed us, until nothing was left.

Nothing but our respect, our love...A couple hours after the post yesterday, he was home. He pulled mouse close to him and she cried. For the first time in many weeks we felt connected. We talked, mouse fixed him some breakfast. He held mouse's hand...we continued talking and it was funny how now we could discuss the hard stuff. The pressure was released...we could listen? We decided to change the rituals, add some more real ritually things..and each day, mouse is to perform 5 tasks just for Omega. These needn't be hard or complex, just 5 arranging his socks the way he likes; cleaning something; writing him a note...

We were kinda tired, mentally drained and anguished by the past 24 hours...but after the baby went down for her nap.....

Oh how we fucked after! Really there was nothing tender about it. We gave up ourselves to the ghosts of our past and we clawed, bit, we sucked and drank. Our appetite, our hunger for each other was raw, primal. Our tattered clothing spilled on the floor.

We were like animals rutting. He, as the puppet Master had mouse dancing for him on invisible string, ripping sensations from her body. Showing and demonstrating how he could control he had Mastered her body, until her spirit or what was left of it, surrendered all to Master and cried for more.

The passions, the carnal pleasures we took freely from each other and after left us exhausted; depleted and our bodies bathed in sweat and bodily juices; us two wrapped tightly in each others arms, our ragged breathing. Then with just one word from him and mouse's pussy clenched.



It can't be any other way...mouse belongs to him...this man wasn't Daddy....he was only Master.

Song selection: Soul Kitchen; The Doors


  1. This is a reminder that all relationships, even bdsm ones are challenging. They take work from both sides to make it grow and flourish.
    I am happy to hear the path of your garden has been cleared away so that you can once again begin to plant new hope.

    1. SBF

      Omg that was beautiful!! Planting new hope!! That's what we're doing!!

  2. Beautiful, happy blog. So happy that the two of you have reconnected.


  3. Congratulations to you both for finding your way Home!


    1. Yep...the walls still need paint ;-). But that's ok!!

  4. So wonderful to read this post. I believe the 5 tasks will help immensely.... just to keep mouse in the right frame of mind. I find I am starting to need his control all around me all the time or something in my very soul is just not right. As I am so new and this is strong I cannot image how that would feel for Mouse after all this time but I am sure it does not compare. With the new baby changing your dynamic I'm sure some of these feelings of control was lost and performing the 5 things will make a big difference.

    Yes, I love primal and that one word get me too.

    So happy for you both.

    1. Thanks!! Yes the 5 tasks are really helping!! Yes!! mouse does need that feeling of control..

  5. So so so very happy for you both!!!!

    Love when sex is raw like that.

    1. Ooooh ya...covered in bite marks...

      And you should see mouse. Hahaha


  6. The 5 tasks sounds like a wonderful idea. My hubby and I don't live the same lifestyle as you and Omega but it seems like something that could easily transfer over to ours. I fear I neglect him when things get busy with the kids, homeschooling , and work. Even if he doesnt catch on or notice, it could possibly be something that made him smile or made his day easier. It seems like a realistic goal I can shoot for. Thanks for the inspiration. :)


    1. Ooooh Tonya it totally is mouse actually did a couple more than 5. Not that he'll really notice them or mouse expects him's about mouse thinking of him...


      To be honest...he kinda does the same...tonight he's bringing dinner home...

  7. mouse - i'm so glad to hear you and He have been able to open up and hear each other. I like the thought of doing small things for Him as both a mental reminder and a concrete gesture.

  8. Beautiful!

    I'm so happy for you both!


  9. This makes me smile, it's so beautiful.



    1. Thanks aisha....mouse's been smiling all day...


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