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Friday, March 9, 2012

Color my world

Greetings from mouse,

Since that biatch Becki brought it up...Yes there was an incident where we were at a was bachelorette for a mutual friend.  Mutual friend gave all all the bridemaids the Ben Wa balls.  And mouse was the ONLY one brave enough to really use them, then and there.  Yes, there was alcohol present.  Again mouse has little qualms about sticking stuff up her hoo ha, vajayjay or which vernacular you wish to use.

So EVERYTHING is fine...until...more drinks...there might have been a few sailors...Fleet Week.  They or might not have bought us a round of Singapore Slings -- mouse isn't sure...she remembers the Long Island Ice Teas and Zombies.  And Becki tells them that mouse (the single girl) has "Ben Wa balls up her kootch" delicate flower that Becki...

We all started laughing...and laughing...someone, maybe one of the guys said something else..very funny or maybe just dirty or both, that mouse truly can't recall anymore...Becki?

That was it...mouse dropped the balls.  One slipped out during uproarious laughter and before she could do anything about it, the other one followed...

Becki screams..."Don't touch em, you don't know where they've been!!!!  Well, you might know but still DON'T touch em."

Now this might be truly embarrassing, but really it wasn't, it was simply alcohol driven good times...And to be honest, it could have been far worse...

Yanno....mouse could have worn them to the wedding... ;-)

They Gyno incident was after...and to mouse much worse than dropping the Ben Wa ball in front of a group of sailors.

Now onto other stuff.  

We went again to Home Desperation in search of paint for the house...inside.

The first trip was a total disaster. Major fail. We went in, him guiding mouse with his hand on the small of her back, as always. We go to the paint department and begin looking at hundreds of tiny peices of color. He looks up and down, picks white and pronounced the search over.

Now, mouse looks at the swatch and says, "well...that might make a nice trim color. But we need wall color too."

He looks at mouse, she can see the mental hamster on the wheel. Well, what's wrong with white? It goes with everything! He actually said almost those exact ways...mouse retorts, "who are you John Lennon?" Instantly she can see he doesn't appreciate the humor, so she looks at him sweetly asking in the most demure tone she can muster, "Sir, do you think it might be ok, if you go wander around and leave the paint color to mouse?"

Now, mouse does realize sending a Dominant type loose through Home Depot a bit risky. Actually mouse really hadn't thought it all through properly.

However, his first inclination was to argue a bit, but then must have thought better of it, remarking that well certainly the baby's room would be pink.

Well, actually no, mouse was considering this lovely sage color for the baby's room, because she found a really nice gingham fabric that would work for the window in her room. It would also contrast nicely with the rocking chair (it's a nice yellow).

It's interesting, he'll often talk about sports and mouse kinda checks out..mentally. That was totally the look on his face...he had no idea what she was talking about. It was another language.

Briefly mouse considered throwing out other decorating type words like damask and toile.

Eventually he agreed that he'd go look at lightning fixtures. Which kinda sent mouse into a different panic mode...because she's got that planned out in her mind.

What truly annoys mouse is that those swatch things are soooooo freaking small...really and the names...Sienna Sunset, Heritage Park or Aloe Thorn.

Heading out to a different paint store in a few days...this time with Becki. Not sure if that'll be any better, they have samples you can buy to actually see the paint on the wall.

Song selection: Color My World; Chicago


  1. Mouse,

    I used to do this kind of stuff as a part of my business. ANY of the big box supply stores should be willing to sell you a small amount of paint to try on the walls. You might have to ask though. Also, a couple of tips. If you care to be patient about walls that you haven't reached a set choice of paint color on, you can get some serious discounts in the mistints section. I did Childs first room in a jungle motif which ranged from black to green to blue yellow and brown, and never spent more than $10 a gallon for paint, usually more like $5. Also, you an buy small pieces of drywall and paint those as a test to see what the paint will look like before you paint the wall. It will give the exact tone because it's drywall, and you can see it all through the day as the lighting changes. If you don't like it, the wall is still intact.

    I suppose that lack of shyness about insertions will come in handy during this project. You'll have a way to hold the roller whilst holding the paint can in one hand and the painted test piece in the other. ;)

    1. Lol MC Sir. Yes home desperation will do samples, but honestly the department was sooo over run with people waiting, it was a bit too much anyway. However did get some ideas and really settled on upstairs paints.

      Ooooh no, mouse isn't allowed to that's another story. Truthfully she just stinks at it. It never comes out looking right...didn't think it required talent...appearently mouse was wrong.


  2. The one good thing about picking out paint color is you can always change it....because I know you have nothing else to do since your new house is in move in condition ;-). Good Luck.

    1. Lol....the upstairs is actually ready...the kitchen is kinda coming together....they say April. We'll see


  3. One thing i have learnt is its never good to take a dominant out shopping full stop! or perhaps its just that im really fussy and get irritable if he tries to interrupt my routine by making suggestions lol.

    I had mint green for my daughters nursery, i love choosing colours and co-ordinating fabrics, the one good thing about your house it seems is you have lots of opportunities to decorate!! if you like that sort of thing that is.

    best wishes
    tori x

    1. Tori,

      Really couldn't agree more! He kinda insisted...the battle over plain white has been going on for sometime now...

      But ya all this decorating has really had mouse in her glory!


  4. Setting him loose in the the store has nothing to do with being's a guy thing...period. We are like a kid in a candy store. We want every possible power tool we see. And why? Not be cause we need it or would use it, but because it reeks of manly for one, and for just never know when you might need one of those things. LOL! (Tell O I have his back LOL) You just don't want him having those power tools because you are afraid he might decide to use them n you in one way or another. ;) However, I'll be the first to admit that I want input on decorating, but the reality is that most guys really have no clue. So, the deer in the headlight look was genuine. (Sorry O)

    The ball story was funny and I can just see you in a bar laughing and those things clanging onto the floor. LOL! But...I think the gyno story was much better. :)


    1. DV Sir,

      Omg! Yes! He owns every single power tool known and ya can use them too. Lol. He can walk around there....what is it with guys? It's like fun to him! Yes, he did eye some chain...just in case...

      At the bar mouse was super drunk. It was funny...the gyno was, in mouse's opinion, much worse!



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