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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It don't come easy

Greetings from mouse,

Someone asked recently, if mouse picks songs, then writes a post, or vice-versa..

Nodding...yes, both. Sometimes the song is super obvious...a thought will cross mouse's mind and she'll think...isn't there a song about.....

That can get messy...sometimes mouse can't recall the whole song...just a few words...mouse's personal OCD kicks in...

Omega sometimes makes mouse move on...

Other times the post will be written except for the title...

Words and's just important to mouse...really music is played all the time...O doesn't mind it, but he does question seriously mouse's musical choices..he also never once believed that mouse could come up with so many songs...

From Formpsring someone wanted to know if mouse speaks in the 3rd person all the time. Answer is yes, pretty much. It's not very difficult to avoid saying "well I think...." or "I...whatever.."

Recently an aqaintence was asking mouse's opinion about their vacation plan. The idea was to tell his wife one place and surprise her with something different.....

This is not how the conversation went...

"Well mouse (or this one or she or whatever else) doesn't think that's a good idea...."

It's more a thoughtful tone it would be phrased, "Well, do you that's a good idea?" Followed up with, "Not really sure that (friend's name) would like that. In fact not sure how many spouses would feel about that."

When asked specifically if mouse would like it...she simply wrinkled her nose and shook her head in disapproval.

**Just between us....tell your wife she's taking a beach vacation, somewhere exotic and surprise her with camping in an RV with the kids in Yellowstone?  Really????  It's really enough to make someone's head explode.**  

It's not at all awkward. It's usually very nonconfrontational also. There are times when "I" is appropriate, but very rare. It's like translating a language or being immersed in a different language that you aren't fluent in. Every word must be thought about and considered.

But with practice it becomes easier, to the point no one notices or questions it.

Written word requires more...well..words...and most times much more thought.

Song selection: It Don't Come Easy; Ringo Starr


  1. Hi mouse,
    Your post today made me laugh out loud! I can only imagine the changes Bill would make to vacation plans. My guess is that instead of a hotel with a luxurious spa, we would be sleeping in a tent in 100 degree weather while wearing period Civil War costumes, eating over a campfire and using a communal latrine as part of a battle reenactment group. Please no, a thousand times no! lol
    As far as speaking in 3rd person, language is fluid, as long as the thought meant to be conveyed is clear, whatever works is cool.

  2. I speak in song too. I broke out a poor version of "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D & the Boyz'.this morning. Not my finest moment but I think my point still came across. :)

    Tropical to National Park??? Seriously? Lol I think both have their perks and qualities that would make them special I suppose; but talk about extremes. I'm pretty easy going but I might make the news if that ever happened to me.


  3. To be honest, mouse, that 3rd person speak usually tends to drive me batty. Except that when you do it, it feels so graceful; almost lyrical -- a sort of arcane poetry. I hardly notice it here, and when I do notice, it just sounds like you.

    Sue (swan)


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