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Monday, April 30, 2012

Come streaming in on sunlight wings

We woke early, the sun streaming through the window, our bodies entwined and uncertain where one ended and the other began. Our heat rising as Daddy pulled mouse even closer, commanding her to ride him. The slave, dutiful and purpose-filled, climbed atop, gently and slowly impaling willingly herself. Grinding, churning, unleashing the magic as Daddy lay, his eyes closed contently teasing, tugging and pulling his slaves nipples, bringing gasps of desire from her lips.

Lost in our room, buried in our love, hidden from the world we connected, and mouse felt that strong invisible tether to him, pulling her close. Bathed in our lust we seemed to explode like a thousand suns shining bright, then settling back into the dark.

Contently, she stretched and collapsed on Daddy her body still quivering from the orgasm with his arms surrounding her.

Song selection: Echos; Pink Floyd



  1. A wonderful connection after the prior day's distance. I'm glad for you.

  2. Just pouting and jealous coz im still not getting no orgasms.

    tori x

  3. Wonderful why to spend the day.


  4. To All,

    Yes it was a beautiful way to start the day and we started it very similarly this way again today...



  5. Smiling... so happy for you.



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