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Friday, May 11, 2012

All I worship and adore...

It's true Daddy is and can be very sentimental. In some ways very different than example might be he can recall what mouse wore on day we met. Honestly, mouse couldn't tell you what he was wearing...However she does recall the second time, because he looked so yummy in his charcoal gray suit with the red power tie.

He recalls the date mouse offered herself to him. All mouse remembers it was a Friday night in May and he moved in, the same weekend. Now mouse does remember the big dates, like the day we married -- all the birthdays...etc. But he recalls the day he asked mouse to marry him and how she responded...It's true, mouse didn't feel marriage was really needed. However, laughing might not have been the best way to make that point. Daddy wasn't put off by it in the least, because he knew mouse would balk at the idea. The ring remained in a box until mouse decided that it was in fact what she wanted. And it really was what she wanted.

Our wedding simple, just a few family and close friends. He wore tan khaki pants, sandals and a blue button down shirt...while mouse wore a pale blue sundress, had a horrible hair day that he pretended not to notice...

After the ceremony everyone returned to our hotel suite for a little reception. The only song mouse can recall about the day was hearing Fly Me To The Moon, and dancing with Daddy to that. The red power tie did come out after everyone left. Really, mouse can't complain about it either.

The honest truth is that despite our ups and downs our connection and devotion to each other remains very strong. We really do help each other, while it can seem very one-sided at times, mouse wouldn't change anything for anything in the world. Daddy is the one mouse worships!

On Formspring someone asked an interesting question about dealing with outside stress (presumably mouse's personal stresses) and still making him (Daddy) happy. Really, after the post on bickering found here, it's funny this question came up after.

The truth is really we can't always avoid stress, and recently mouse has felt more than her share of stress and anxiety. What's she's learned (that Daddy has taught her) is to focus on one thing at a time. Meditation helps, conscious breathing can work too to relieve the stress. If the stress gets to be too much, then mouse has learned to ask for help from him.

But really often mouse has found, the act of doing something for someone else can help to clear her head of stress. So the act of cooking dinner, even when stressed out about other issues can actually be helpful (and often the meal comes out superb -- which mouse can't explain why). The thought of knowing he's coming home and has had his to deal with his own stresses throughout the day, can make mouse pause. That's good because she then refocus her energy onto him where it belongs.

Really hope that helped.

Song selection: Fly Me to the Moon; Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra version


  1. It is so counter-intuitive, but a very true thing that looking outside of ourselves makes it so much easier to be ourselves. i like the way you describe this - something simple like making dinner can help the focus and feelings.

    1. @gg - it really can, glad someone else understood that!

  2. mouse: I think the thought that there is no choice but to feed the family can be a way to put aside stresses and just focus on that task until dinner is over. In a funny sort of way, it is practicing mindfulness and being in the moment. It could well be a time to actually think through the tasks of preparation and be aware of doing them (to the extent the children allow). "I am peeling the vegetables. I am paying attention to how the peel is coming off..." That is meant to be very relaxing for the mind.

    1. @vesta - it's interesting because today mouse made ravioli. As mouse went through the steps, it was very much as you described, every step was considered. It was very relaxing and a wonderful way to pass time.

  3. Isn't it wonderful just 'being' together? Sure we can function when the other one is away but when they come home all seems right in the world.
    You and Omega are so blessed.
    I swear when H gets home my body just relaxes and my mind feels floaty even after 20 years. *sigh*
    it's the best feeling.
    Have a wonderful weekend mouse!!
    Warmest regards,

  4. I was just thinking that both H and I can tell you the exact moment that we noticed each other - but they aren't the same moments. We noticed each other months and months apart. But, they are both still romantic in their own ways. Cause we did notice.

    Just like everyone submits in their own way, everyone also romances in their own way. Love the red power tie tie-in. (forgive the pun)

    1. @kitty - its true mouse does have punny moments (groans, giggles). Daddy said it doesn't matter when, why or how....the main point is we are together.

  5. I've noticed that funnily enough, since I've got a kid, I have a lot more to be stressed out about, but am much less stressed out. Figure that one. But I think you're right, that the simple act of doing something for someone else that you care about is relaxing in itself.

    1. @c - it is and probably should be a relaxing thing. Like Vesta mentioned the act of focusing on each task is meditative.


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