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Friday, May 4, 2012

No one gets lucky, until luck comes along

Tuesday afternoon our internet more or less died a little bit. Was able to post via the phone but dang didn't want to have to do that (ever) again. Daddy tried and tried to fix it but just couldn't get it working right....

Then last night after work, he went out and bought a newer better router and it worked...OMG can't imagine anything making mouse happier. That's just kinda sad now isn't it? Internet is that important?

Wednesday was busy for mouse. The baby had a doctor's appointment, a well check, and was deemed thriving by the ped. After we stopped at the butchers and made a few more stops. The day wasn't horrible, came home cooked dinner and did all the usual stuff. Thursday was more or less the same, except no doctor visit. Different shopping and errands. Kiddo needed stuff for school so that was done also.

Someone recently, last Sunday mouse thinks, asked a question about why mouse refers to Omega as Sir now and not Daddy.

It's a good question. When our daughter came into our life, mouse found it difficult to call him Daddy -- not sure why, it just felt weird when the baby wasn't around. Then when we had issues, it just made it harder. He wasn't feeling very Daddy-like to mouse. Silly, yes, she knows that now. Last week ironically, after a discussion Omega admitted that he missed mouse calling him Daddy. Out of all things that mouse referred to him as, Daddy just felt the most right for us -- almost at once. Over the weekend, mouse read a few of more recent posts and noticed that Daddy disappeared from the blog, just as he had in real life. Odd the way that happened. Maybe that's not too odd. The blog is a deep reflection of whatever goes on in mouse's head.

It's funny tho, the word Daddy just falls so easily out of mouse's mouth and whether the baby's around or not -- it really doesn't matter. It's hard sometimes to understand how Daddy got lost from our lives. And it should be said, he didn't lose us, it's just for a time mouse lost those feelings.

So Daddy's back...well, he never left really.

Song selection: It's In The Way That You Use It; Eric Clapton


  1. It’s funny how those titles subconsciously slip out of our routine when we are going through something stressful. The omission led to a reminder (and punishment) for not using some form of title during a string of back & forth emails when we were not seeing Eye to eye about something. The act was not intentional, it just sort of happened.
    It's nice to hear the title Daddy is back in the conversation, I am sure he never left your mind.

  2. Our subconscious minds and emotions have us do strange things at times. Not referring to him as Daddy, could be no more than a reflection of his distance because of work and other issues these past few weeks. Maybe he felt more like Omega (Dom) than Daddy (Dom) to you. The important thing you've noticed and found Daddy again.


  3. In one way Daddy is a handy title, since it's perfectly reasonable to use everywhere and with anyone present. My mother-in-law sometimes refer to her husband as Daddy, even though their youngest is soon to be 30, and long since moved out. I'm a bit envious of that, Mistress isn't something I can use in everyday life, and I've would have liked that.

    I probably strolled far off course here, it was just a passing thought.


  4. I get this. And I am proud that I get this - because I have realized that you can't make them be what you want, you can only call them what they are and that changes over time, but it sounds like Omega is being what you need. At different times, different things. And that is precious.

    Great title by the way.

  5. Its funny i think that i find depending on my mood, his mood and the circumstances it varies in how i refer to him, it can be Master, the Owner, Sir, bossman and on rare occassions Mr anal (that one not to his face though)!

    Daddy is a term i just dont feel comfortable with personally because i am the stereotypical daddy's girl i still call my dad daddy so it just wouldnt sit right with me but i can understand how its comfortable for others.

    Does it vary what you call him in r/l i mean out of the blog, i noticed in past posts its varied from Omega, Master, Sir and daddy? oh and not forgetting doodlehead? lol reading that in one of your older posts made me chuckle.

    best wishes
    tori x


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