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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Taxi's Waiting

Dearest Readers,

This will be the last post until next month. We leave in a few days for our vacation. If things go well, we should be back to blogging Wednesday August 1. We're due back at the end of July. The days are super busy as Daddy organizes the last details. Just a few more days and mouse will be on that beach tropical drink firmly in hand...and oh soooo very happy!!

Travel isn't something mouse does well. Oddly tho, she's not worried really about flying, which is normally her button issue. No, she's more concerned about the baby on the long flight, and the carrying all her clothes in one small carry on. The iPod is loaded with almost all her And she is planning to bring the iPad along...loaded down with stuff for the kids!

Daddy is bringing his blackberry, and leaving his laptop behind, and already shipped his golf clubs. Yes, his golf clubs...yes he's shipping them. His daughter will sit in a rented stroller, but he'll have his precious and lucky 9 iron. it's all about priorities. At least that's what he said.

Really, mouse is looking forward to a break from the day to day stuff. The change of pace will probably do us all a lot of good.

Now with all that in mind, mouse has a question for everyone in kinky town blog land...

Do you think hypnosis can be a viable tool for increasing submission or submissive feelings?

Now, just gunna say, not to be used in that 'empty your bank account way' or the 'your a chicken laying an egg kinda way.'

What mouse means in the way it's used as a behavior modification tool, e.g., quit smoking, lose weight. Of course it's also understood that it doesn't always work...

But what are your thoughts about that? What might you want to change?

Please comment, they will be published as we can while we're away. Give mouse all your thoughts, and if it prompts a blog post, please let us know by commenting so mouse can read it when we get back....

So, don't forget about us while we're away!

See ya in a month!

Omega and mouse

Song Selection: Leaving on a Jet Plane; John Denver; Peter, Paul and Mary version



  1. Travel safely
    recharge your batteries
    remember to have fun!


  2. Gonna miss you guys!! Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip.
    Never done hypnosis, so don't really have much of an opinion either way really. Will be interested in the responses though.
    Good luck and safe travels,

    Oh and p.s. Happy early anniversary!!

  3. I have never really thought about hypnosis and submission, though I did see a therapist when I was pregnant with our first whose primary tool was hypnosis. I did find it quite effective, so I don't see why it wouldn't be a useful tool to increase submissive feelings.
    Now you have me thinking...I may have to come back with another comment on this one lol.

    I hope that you all have a lovely trip!

  4. Hope you all have a wanderful relaxing, enjoyable time.

    Im going to come back to the hypnosis when i have more time, interesting thoughts.

    have fun

    tori x

  5. We'll miss you but have a wonderful time.

    Baby will be fine and the flight attendants are very helpful if you have babies or small children. I used to give baby son a drink when taking-off and landing. The sucking action helped with his ears.

    See you when you get back

    Love to you all,

  6. Have a terrific vacation.

  7. mouse,
    to you and your Love and the family may you enjoy this time with each other and might you embrace the woman you are. Have fun, play, laugh, sleep late and embrace.

    Much warmth,

  8. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the time. We'll be here waiting when you get back.

    hugs, swan

  9. Have fun and I look forward to your return!

  10. I think hypnosis works if you believe in it, and maybe if you want it to. I think that for me... the things he would most want to change, I probably don't really want to change.

  11. I will miss you mouse, have a wonderful time!!!


  12. Have a nice holiday.


  13. From my very limited understanding and working of hypnosis im unsure of its benefits in increasing or enhancing submissive feelings, i would think this is achieved more through the dominant picking away at the submissives thoughts and breaking down those walls, in a way the dominant takes on the role of therapist.

    I wander if being in deep subspace is a similar concept to hypnosis, being in restrictive bondage can bring that on for me and when im in that state im at my most vunerable because im most pliable and in those moments i have to trust him not to take advantage (in a negative way) because i will blindly follow.

    In the respect of the deep sub space i suppose it could be said that it enhances my submission because of how it makes me feel, its when i certainly feel most dependent on him as i need him to bring me back around and sometimes the after effects can be days and its similar to being in a trance like state but being open and exposed. So perhaps hypnosis is a similar concept?

    I think it would depend on what the actual purpose of the hypnosis was for, to trigger certain responses, actions? part of me is inclined to think its a scary prospect completley not being in control of what may be 'fed' to me during hypnosis but the other part of me finds it curiously exciting.

    Anyway im not sure that really gave a definite answer lol

    I did find this whilst i was looking for more information, you may find it of interest

    tori x

  14. I'm afraid I'm not a believer in hypnosis, but perhaps it just doesn't work for me. But have a safe and wonderful trip, mouse and Omega!

  15. have a wonderful holiday and a safe journey there and back.

    blossom x

  16. You willbe missed, but I truly hope your vacation is perfect.

    Flip x

  17. Miss you lots! Happy travels!

  18. Miss you guys lots! Happy travels!

  19. Hey, Mouse,

    I just dinged you for the One Lovely Blog Award ~ if you've already played, or if you don't want to, feel free to ignore this...

    Hope you're having a wonderful, fabulous time. We miss you.


  20. ahhh holiday time..have a good one

    I have participated in the one lovely blog award and named your blog in my list of faves.

    I hope thats ok?

    L x

  21. Hope you enjoy a wonderful vacation. :)

  22. I had the same thought as PainsPleasure, I'd be nervous about artificially inducing submissive feelings because at those most vulnerable moments, Mouse must truly be at her best and strongest to give consent at a very deep level. Having that skewed through hypnosis could lead to bad decisions and regret after the session is over. From what I have read, you do just fine without it.

  23. Hypnosis involves deep relaxation and the emptying of one's primary and controlling thoughts - much like yoga. I practice yoga almost daily and as part of my deeper breathing meditation, I focus on all that I am grateful for - which is in large measure, my man and all that he does for me. I am filled with gratitude and the desire to express it. It is spiritual, emotional, and sexual and quite an overwhelming feeling. And it seems that whenever I breathe deeply, focus on my gratitude and relax into thoughts of him, I create a space for us to be even more intimate and honest. My mantra in this is: "Submit, Love, Honor, Obey." Its a breathing chant that brings me to a right frame of mind. Hopefully, my sharing is helpful.


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