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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July is Dressed Up...

Can we possibly condense a month of Omega and mouse? We went on a wonderful holiday...really thought a month would be too long, but really it could have went longer. Well, maybe not. Think the biggest question was how did it go with just one carryon type bag per person? Really? *whispers* It wasn't so bad. Clothes were washed about once a week. We got home in time to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony on tv. Of course, Daddy wouldn't miss that...

We survived the long flight with the children, despite our youngest mastering the idea of forward momentum on our second day away from home, and made coming home (with super long flight delays) even all the more challenging.

In other news mouse, at one point became very bitchy, so much so that Daddy spanked her over his knee. Honestly, mouse was very defiant and refused to cry -- just angry...Daddy pulled his belt off and used that until mouse was flooded with feelings of remorse. After that he bent her over the bed and took her from behind. It just solidified how bad mouse's behavior was.

When he does that, it makes mouse feel...well, like an object. It's not loving (tho it feels good). Mentally, it reminded mouse of her place. That sounds a bit harsh...but it's not really meant to be...mouse needed the correction. Maybe she needed the normalcy of our dynamic? For several hours each day, mouse was plugged after that. It helped.

Thanks to other family members, we actually got a little time alone.  One evening mouse actually found subspace while Daddy fisted her...even squirted a lot! After that mouse was fairly useless...

Daddy also began really exercising more noticeable control over mouse. Keeping mouse feeling safe, empowered but also strictly contained. It felt almost dangerous and vulnerable to be left with no power. At first mouse seriously balked and got rather pissy about it. Which is odd, because in many ways we've been moving slowly slowly and decidedly toward that end for a long time. Daddy, let mouse know in no uncertain terms there were things for her to be concerned about -- and things she will never need to concern herself with again. He also added the walls will never again go up...mouse isn't allowed to keep anything from him. Being so open also means mouse feels very vulnerable.

It's hard letting go all control...not having to ask -- "is this ok?" He told her more than once, "you know your rules." Daddy was very generous with mouse, buying her a pretty necklace she wanted. Actually, he frequently lavished mouse with lots of little gifts! But the best was when he allowed mouse to just suck him. Silly huh?

Returning home, gosh that was hard! Realizing that housekeeping wasn't going to show up to and tidy the room or make the beds! Gosh what an adjustment. But it felt really good being back home, tho it did take us a couple days to get back into routine. We were only home a few days when we escaped again, this time just loading the van and dashing off to the coast, where mouse will stay with the kids until summer's end -- leaving Daddy to fend for himself during the week.

There's lots to do here during the summer months, we can walk just about everywhere. We have lots of puzzles to do when the weather gets ugly, but most days it's pretty nice. On weekends, Daddy will be golfing and there are endless parties to attend. How does mouse manage being away from Daddy 4 days a week? It's not easy, but he has everything mapped out including what mouse cook those days -- so it works out nicely. We also have some wonderful fruit stands around here...yummy summer fruits snd veggies! Saturday night we eat out and Sunday's Daddy grills chicken or whatever looks good at the butcher shop. Friday night, he's home in time for Shabbat.

Its a great routine for us all.

Song selection: Summer Breeze; Seals and Croft


  1. Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely time, you havent missed anything dramatic in bloggerland, well not that im aware of lol.

    I think perhaps its understandable that you got a bit bitchy i know holidays are meant to be relaxing but they are also i think sometimes stressful, the last time we had a week away he grounded me to the room on my own for a day for getting stroppy..i was not amused!

    The fun starts now being as baby is mobile.

    tori x

  2. Welcome Back!
    So fun to hear your baby is mobile! I can't imagine flying with baby, or babies on our case soon!
    I think Holidays / Vacations can come with a touch of bitchiness, I was recently spanked over vacation and looking back, I was really being a royal pain! Things just get hectic away from home at times. I guess it helps if the control is tightened.

    Glad all is well - look forward to more posting.

  3. Welcome happy you had a good time as well as some time alone without the kiddos.

    Quite a transition to get back and know there isn't any housekeeping staff. We went on a 38 day cruise and it was a bit painful to get back in the everyday routine.

    Congratulations on baby girl crawling and pulling up. Before you know it she will be walking and exploring everything not put out of reach. Babies are so very curious about their world. Enjoy


  4. Welcome back! I am glad your travels were so rewarding, and I am glad that all of you seem to be finding the balance points.


  5. I missed you soooo much. Thank God you're back!

  6. I'm so happy you're back!!!
    And awww baby girl! Yay! I missed your posts so much :(

  7. yeyy I can read you again, welcome back :)


    {BIg hug}

    Gosh, i missed you!!


  9. Hi, I was just wondering what you did with the dog. I would be miserable if I didn't see my dog for a month. t

    1. He went on his own vacation to a doggie hotel. LOL The first few days were kinda difficult for him (we kept in touch via email with owners of the hotel). He wanted to be around people more than the other kenneled dogs...but then he slowly made friends with a couple dogs and had a blast. It was the kind of place where the dogs played most of the day indoors and outside if they wanted...Then were in their own very large kennels at night with stuff from home. They played classical music to help them sleep...LOL

      There were a few dogs kenneled for a long time and they kept them kinda together in the kennel area.

      This year, he's going back to the same kennel...We've taken both the dogs to the day care (it's required for the new dog so they can observe him) a couple we're good to go for the vacation.

      Thanks for asking!



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