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Friday, August 3, 2012

Real as Thunder

Being away from Daddy is so hard, but everyone is enjoying our time at the ocean, even the dog.  He runs down to the waters edge and jumps. Then he runs back to mouse. Daddy sends many text messages during the day. At night we talk on the phone. Daddy will phone while he watches the Olympic games. Earlier this week, he phoned asking mouse what she was watching. Actually, mouse was watching the movie The Artist.

"Oh." Was all he said. Is it possible to hear a pout? After a few minutes, mouse just stopped the movie and turned the channel and we watched men's gymnastics, together but separated by miles.

Last night Daddy and mouse were talking, just normal stuff about the day. Then the conversation shifted a bit to submission. Daddy wanted to know how mouse was feeling about the recent changes. It kinda shocked mouse a just took her off guard. After stammering a bit, mouse blurted -- that she would like more! He laughed.

Really is there more? It's possible of course, but really not very practical. We have been playing around with self hypnosis, mostly during meditation and it's been working very well -- can't say tho results have been earth-shattering. Daddy told mouse on friiday to wear the light brown skirt he likes with a crisp white blouse, wear the garter, hose and fuck-me bra -- for shoes the strappy sandals. He added he wanted mouse's hair up and French manicure nails, which mouse scheduled earlier this week for today.

He said he arranged a sitter and that he'll be in the late afternoon...

His final remark was for mouse to have the medium plug inserted.

Right now, mouse has butterflies that feel more like woodpeckers.

No clue what he has planned...

Song Selection: Easy to Love You; Grateful Dead


  1. Serafina and I missed reading your blog while you were away . . . welcome back!

  2. Enjoy your date night! Sure Omega has stimulating plans for the evening.


  3. Can you share some of the new changes you have me so curious? Lol

    It must be hard having to be away from him when you were just with him for a whole month straight on holiday, good luck and enjoy your weekend together:) can't wait to hear about it... Hopefully lol

  4. Does Omega really pout?

    When H pouts it's kinda cute. ;)

  5. Um, I want your outfit.
    Secondly, I hope you're having an AWESOME time right now haha. You deserve it! <3

  6. Um, I want your outfit.
    Secondly, I hope you're having an AWESOME time right now haha. You deserve it! <3

  7. Sounds like someone is in for an interesting weekend, do you get more anxious not knowing whats planned? i always wander whats worse knowing or not knowing regardless of whether its something enjoyable or not.



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