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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gunna Have a Good Time

Dinner Monday was simple, Daddy was in better spirits, when he came through the door that evening. When mouse got the baby settled, he called mouse into his study, to discuss some social events. It seems we owe a dinner to some friends. He sighed. He doesn't really enjoy those things, it does occur to mouse as a good wife, she should be more involved. Truthfully, mouse is a bit as he is and now we're faced with an obligation.

By Tuesday afternoon, the dinner was more or less planned and scheduled for the last Thursday in October and so far 5 couples are schudeled to attend, plus Lucy and Schroeder, plus us. Dinner for 12 but that number could increase. Seriously, was it too late to call a caterer? Lucy's daughter would come and babysit. The only problem is what to serve.

That would wait for another day, mouse had bigger things to worry about, like dinner. This wasn't just any dinner, it's Daddy's birthday, he didn't like it before 2001, after, he wouldn't think about it twice. Keeping that in mind and, rightfully so, mouse keeps it very low-key. A nice dinner, some relaxing....

Yesterday was all about Daddy, mouse cooked him a steak smothered in onions, garlic and mushrooms. Salad with home-made Cesar salad dressing -- nothing low fat. After cleaning up the kitchen Daddy relaxed....naturally mouse would have offered him oral, but she has a cold, Babygirl also had and shared with mouse. Daddy is keeping his distance and rightfully so. He doesn't need or wish to feel ill -- even tho mouse has felt just about the same each day. Daddy told mouse to make an appointment's been a few days and her throat is still very raw feeling. He's worried it's an infection.

It should be said that the cold isn't horrible (if thats what it is -- it could be allergies) just the usual stuff...all highly annoying and makes mouse just want to sleep a little more. Daddy was sweet to mouse about it and we did yanno have birthday sex...just without kissing....hahaha.

I love you Daddy always...

Song Selection: Birthday; The Beatles



  1. I hope you feel better soon! Happy Birthday Omega.

  2. Happy birthday to Omega.

    And isn't it amazing how germs are what children share best? Somehow I Always get sick when the kids are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Firstly, happy belated birthday Omega!! Secondly, WOW, that sounds like a really big dinner party and a lot of planning. I'm with you, catering sounds easier (or at least cater some of it?). I've only cooked for that many for holidays...and even then some people brought extra dishes and such. Dishes of food, not dishes! lol. Good thing you've got a dish fetish!!

  4. Happy birthday to Omega

    Oh goodness mouse i couldnt cope catering for that many people, the most i have done was 6 and it got me so flustered i swore i would not do it not very confident when it comes to cooking just for us let alone its take away or eat out!

    Hope your feeling better soon


  5. If you need a caterer, let me know. Dinner for 12 is the perfect number. Big enough to make a fuss, small enough that you don't need extra staff. And i'll bring my special mint brownings. :-)

    And good luck with the cold. I hate them

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, especially the Birthday wishes for Daddy! Yes, mouse is feeling much much better.



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