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Monday, September 10, 2012

Radar Love

You'll just have to trust mouse that nothing very exciting happened Wednesday and Thurday last week. Yes, there was sex, actually a quite nice standing fuck behind Daddy's study door. Really, most of the week mouse found herself in very comfortable head space. Maybe it's odd -- not sure odd is really the correct term -- when mouse is kept in that deeply submissive headspace, she can feel Daddy.

Now, honestly a good deal of this might just be mouse's own projections and intuition, but it seems this way. All day Thursday mouse had the distict feeling Daddy was having a miserable day. As mouse moved through her chores all day she couldn't shake the feeling and just wanted to do something special for him for dinner, and decided on the menu after going to the market.

Daddy walked through the door and physically looked beat up, mouse greeted him with a smile, a kiss, a cool towel and a martini. After taking his coat, tie, and removing his shoes, Daddy was settled in his chair. After refreshing his drink, mouse offered that Daddy could go into the hottub or take a shower, dinner could be held.

He thanked mouse but said no, instead he got up and went to the dinner table. Daddy was quiet during the meal. He did compliment mouse on the meal, but mostly listened to the table chatter. After the meal Daddy declined dessert and said he had work to do. Cleaning up the kitchen and getting the baby settled for the night (we always pop in before bath time) didn't take very long. Soon mouse was knocking on the study door carrying a tall glass of ice water, seeing it was warm in the room, mouse closed the shutters and tured the AC down a little.

Daddy took little notice of mouse, as he was busy reading and taking notes. Positioning hersellf so mouse could be observed by Daddy and unbuttoned her blouse -- just waiting. At one point he seemed to be taking a break, and mouse crept to his side, resting her head on his thigh. Daddy turned his chair, told mouse in a rather surprisingly terse tone to lift her skirt and display herself for use. He left her like that as he continued to work a little. Then he would pause and tell mouse to finger clit or tug on her nipples while he watched. Not at all sure how long mouse remained all splayed open for him, but eventually he told mouse to close her eyes and be still. He used mouse and removed himself when he finished. It was pretty quick and no chance for mouse to orgasm.

After he told mouse to clean him off with her mouth then go to the bathroom to wash up -- he added almost absentmindedly to finish herself off if needed. How romantic! In the bathroom mouse did kinda chuckle a bit as she cleaned up and when she returned mouse thanked him for his attentions. He worked a little longer, but he looked just drained. Eventually, he told mouse it was time for rituals. After removing her clothes, and got all ready, Daddy applied the clamps and watched mouse meditate. Now her motor was humming....

In bed, after Daddy thanked mouse for being so attentive to his needs, which made mouse smile it made her feel so very needed, loved and cherished.

By morning though, mouse was needy.

After another quickie in the morning he showered, shaved, dressed, ate and left for work. He hardly said goodbye. Just a quick kiss and he was off. His messages that day were mostly about remembering to pickup his dry cleaning. Late afternoon mouse's thoughts again became muddled with him, with everything else it seemed became -- secondary. Oh when playing with Babygirl or tending her, he'd get tucked into the recesses or corners of her mind, only to come bursting back after.

Song Selection: Radar Love; Golden Earring


  1. You're an amazing wife, mouse. You're both very, very lucky to have each other.

    And we're very very lucky that you share so much with us!

  2. I read everything you write and understand less and less how you two get along. His seeming indifference goes against everything you do for him.

  3. It's a long time since I read any blog of yours, mouse, when I last read you it wasn't called The Power Exchange, but it must be you as the writing is very characteristic. Glad to hear there's a baby, I've had seven and have been bringing up children for the last fifty-six years with only a short break, my youngest (and most difficult!) is sixteen. I hope your little one gives you many years of fulfilment. It's always good to read your writing.

  4. Well , okay. I generally as a rule refrain from commenting on your blog, mouse, but I just have to say... knowing you two the way I do I can say from experience that the two of you love each other more deeply than any two people I know. The way you have stuck to each other through all the hell you've been through. Most couples would have given up by now. What appears as indifference to some, we both know is really a lot of internal conflict for O and I know this is a hard time of the year for him. I hope... well no... I know you will both work through it as you have always done and be stronger for it.

    Love you guys,


  5. Mouse-
    You inspire me. I am a woman, new to this. I have done a lot of reading. Finally, miracle of miracles, I found a daddy. We were both new to the play but are intelligent and have built up trust. But almost as soon as we started my Daddy found a new relationship--not a Dom/sub relationship but a potential LTR. I don't so much mind that bc it will make Daddy happy. But I am thinking Daddy's gf might not be too happy about my being Daddy'sub even though I would never try to interfere with Daddy's love life. I am his slave and I would never get involved with another person. I gave up that right long ago. I am thinking of divesting my relationship with Daddy. So sad. Any help?

  6. I hate the indifferent, quick kiss good bye when he leaves for work. His mind has already shifted and mine is desperately hanging on. Not a good moment.


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