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Friday, September 7, 2012

We All Need Someone

Last week tori asked mouse a question, which she answered here. Daddy read it, and thought that mouse should expand on it a little bit. Since this involved our good friends Lucy and Schroeder, mouse went to them and asked if it would be ok. They said yes, so mouse wrote this and let them read it first before publishing it today.

For those of you newer to mouse's blog, Lucy and Schroeder have a domestic discipline dynamic. For many, many years in their marriage Lucy would buy things just because she could. One afternoon after lunch, Lucy purchased for herself a diamond tennis bracelet and a Loius Vutton purse. All in a the span of about 45 minutes! Schroeder naturally hit the roof. Their battles continued. When Schroeder and Daddy became friends they would sometimes talk about how different mouse and Lucy were. Often Lucy would ask mouse too about her relationship with Daddy.

When they began their dynamic Lucy slowly began to change but only where her spending habits were concerned, she still wasn't giving Schroeder much respect. It took them time and patience to learn what worked well for them. Today, they're more into pain play than mouse and Daddy are!

More from Formspring:

Has mouse of played with girls or a female dom?

Yes, she has and it was ok. It wasn't a big deal for her -- not really atrracted to women.

How did having Baby girl affect your d/s relationship?

Oh goodness in huge ways. The exhaustion alone was enough to make mouse go crazy. Even tho, Babygirl is a very good sleeper, it was still hard. It's gotten a bit easier, or maybe mouse is better at juggling everything.

What books do you enjoy reading? Any favourite authors?

Oh gosh....right now mouse has found a few free books written in the 1800s on housekeeping and etiquette. Lol. Novels....Ayn Rand. Jane Austin. Plus lots of various books -- not really one to follow a specific author. Never read the Harry Potter books...not a big fantasy fan. Daddy prefers mouse read classic literature (which is nice because many are free) or biographies/nonfiction. Love looking at decorating books, gardening books (even tho she hates gardening) and of course cook books. Also don't read much lifestyle or kink either. Honestly, there are bloggers that do a better job.

A good story is what mouse mostly appreciates.

Do you ever get bored of blogging? How do you keep up with posting three times a week?

Well, the rule used to be Monday thru Friday and it was hard coming up with what mouse referred as blog worthy topics. Three times a week is much easier, because there's a day to think about what to write and even take notes! Often mouse will get her best ideas while nursing the baby or cleaning the bathrooms..

Honestly, some of what mouse would consider her most brilliant blog posts full of deep introspection and witty prose were never published, because by the time she got to the computer she forgot completely what to say.

Mouse how did you get into BDSM? Was the sub always in the girl :) And how did you find the confidence to explore it?

This is something that's been covered many, many times in the blog. Alpha introduced mouse to it. Daddy showed mouse how truly beautiful it really is,

Are we ever going to see a post from Omega again?

Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later. He said he'll try to comment more, but he'd rather make mouse suffer than to write about it :-)

Been reading your blog for a while, and you don't have to answer this if its too personal but what triggered Omegas relapse with his addiction?

There wasn't simply one event,,but many. It was a very complex issue we hope to never repeat. But, mouse was and still is extremely proud of him for dealing with it and working hard on himself. Today, he's no longer in therapy (of course he can return to it if needed) and only attends meetings when he needs to.

Thank you for all the wonderful questions! Please keep them coming!

Song Selection: Lean On Me; Bill Withers



  1. It took me a while to click onto the fact that continually disobeying the bossman was being disrepectful and its something i was guilty of quite a bit in the beginning, i used to weigh up in my head on whether what i wanted (but wasnt allowed) was worth the punishment.

    Its odd now im thinking about it but although i was punished each time he never from what i recall mentioned it being a lack of respect..i wander if he was waiting for me to have that realisation myself..i shall have to ask him when he gets home.

    I do like and prefer to be obedient because i much prefer it when he is pleased with me, im certainly a lot better than what i was but i think thats natural growth and learning more about myself and his expectations, and yet there are the odd moments when i intentionally disobey and afterwards i could kick myself because i really have no good reason on why i would do that!...his disappointment in me is never worth it.

    Sometimes i just think it all gets too much, the all being the control etc and i love it i do, i wouldnt want it any other way but well i get frustrated at times and i dont want to submit....and i feel guilty and a little ashamed saying that.

    Its just not always easy.


  2. That's pretty interesting about Lucy and Schroeder. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was lovely mouse. Ido love your posts...and peeking into your life. It is a beautiful thing you have with omega.


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