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Monday, November 26, 2012

That Touch of Your Hand

After finally crashing on Friday, Daddy sent mouse to bed early. At some point during the night mouse clearly felt him snake his body around her own. In the morning (sometime around dawn) she woke, feeling his member growing hard between her legs, his body pressed tightly against hers. He was technically still sleeping -- only that part seemed awake. So mouse began to move ever so slowly feeling the length press softly against the lips. It made her quiver. Daddy's breathing pattern changed and she felt him pull her closer and with one movement, grabbed onto her wrists with one hand, while the other toyed with her breast.


Pushing her onto her stomach, he slapped her rear several times while mouse squealed into her pillow. He rubbed her bottom, then slipped his fingers between her legs, he asked if she was a slut because she was so wet...


His hands were everywhere at once it seemed, causing her to lift her bottom off the bed with want of more. When his fingers hit that special spot, her body responded with an explosive orgasm. He had mouse whimpering like a puppy. He likes it when she's primal and out of control. When her lust over takes her mind. He generally places no conditions on her orgasms, but this time he told her wait, forbidding the building orgasm.


When he finally allowed it, it was a cascading one that rippled through her entire body. Still his appetite wasn't sated at all. Hunger drove him as he slapped, spanked and forced out several more orgasms from his mouse, until they became almost painful. Still, he drove her further, delighted in his slow methodical torture, which stripped mouse of any dignity. How quickly she'd gone from begging for orgasm to pleading, "no more."


When he finished, mouse's body was bathed in sweat and fluids, her mind was as empty as it ever was during the intense scenes we used to play at in our basement. Subspace was achieved.


As mouse moved through the remains of the day, his hand guided continued to guide her and served as the touchstone which enabled her to remain centered. Mentally, the rattle of chains played in her mind. Saturday night we went out to dinner, a date night out and away from the children. Daddy ordered the meal and fed mouse, not allowing her to use her hands. It was sexy, intimate and amazing.


When mouse intimated the experience (just the dinner part) her friend asked if there were feelings of embarrassment. Not a one, the only person mouse noticed was Daddy. The place must have been crowded -- it usually is. We arrived home late and Daddy took the babysitter home, while mouse looked in on our children and began her rituals. Finding the clover clamps, mouse undressed and applied them to her breasts. Daddy hadn't instructed her to do that, instead she just did it herself. While a small part did secretly wish for the pain, the larger part truly did hope that he'd walk in after bringing the sitter home, and find mouse there. What is odd, is the meditation came very quickly to mouse. Maybe it was just because she was still in that foggy headspace?


When Daddy came home, honestly he wasn't that pleased about it -- he spoke very calmly and plainly that mouse isn't allowed to make such decisions herself. He spanked her also with his leather strap as a reminder. Next time, mouse tearfully promised to just begin rituals and wait for Daddy to decide if they should include pain or not.


After Daddy gathered mouse into his arms and placed her in bed, held her close and listened to her talk about the confusion she felt. Truly, she thought he'd be pleased, but now understood where the line was drawn. He held her close after and said we would continue the discussion in the morning.


It didn't exactly work that way, mouse was kept busy by the kids and household chores that absolutely couldn't wait. It wasn't until Sunday evening the chance to talk arose. Daddy explained that he didn't want mouse to touch any of the toys anymore, unless he specifically directed her to do so. Then he'd specify, which toy, where and for how long. There wasn't anything else to say. It seemed so obvious to mouse. He has restricted the use of many things -- especially lately.


Moments just as those thoughts were somewhat settling in mouse's mind, he unzipped his fly and removed himself. He regarded mouse as her eyes grew wide, then motioned her close, but clearly said, 'no hands girl.' Moving slowly with her lips on his shaft, her teeth just raking across the head, just before enveloping it into her mouth, she heard him exhale. Eventually as his need rose, he grabbed her head and guided her into a mouth-fuck until he came forcefully and for what seemed a long time. After he thanked her, just as he always does and then did a bit of work. During that time, mouse remained still, her mind unable to focus on anything, save for him.


During rituals last night Daddy decided mouse should have pain and applied the clover clamps with weights to her breasts. He had mouse bend over watched as the weights swayed like a pendulum. Daddy went behind her, as she tried to meditate and entered her from behind. Slowly he fucked her, making her cry from the wicked pain and indescribable pleasure she felt. When he finished, he left her then to meditate, while he showered,


Honestly, mouse doesn't know how long she remained there, how long she meditated...she could no longer feel the pain of the clamps. When she felt his hand on her back it caused shivers and even more lust to come to the surface. Even this morning finds her on e verge of tears from the immense power she feels...and it comes from Daddy.


Thank you Daddy for continuing to teach mouse and broaden her horizons.

Song Selection: What's Love Got To Do With It?; Tina Turner


  1. I loved this mouse. Im not allowed to touch any 'toys' without permission and that extends to touching myself inappropriatley as well.

    What i used to find difficult and perhaps to a small degree do still now is anticipating his needs in a way that i think will make things just that little bit easier for him but yet to not allow that to over-ride the decisions he prefers to make....and its getting that right.

    What i think i might be doing for the best (sometimes because its just easier for me) isnt the way he wants it.

    I dont know if its whether im getting more 'settled' but im taking more comfort from having the little things controlled which intially i would fight against for example like if im allowed a glass of wine, what to order in a restaurant....i think thats progress?

    I guess im realising as much as i love the kink and the s/m its the everday things that provide me with security.....make me feel secure.

    Hope your all well


  2. Wow- That caused me shivers as well.

    I love that you are blogging again as your posts truly touch my heart.


  3. It is so comforting to be controlled.

  4. you write it so well, mouse. we are right there with you.


  5. Your posts are always interesting, mouse, and this one particularly so. You shed light into a little understood aspect of sexual connection

  6. I don't know why, but I found this one utterly romantic...thanks for sharing.

  7. Ah, subspace. What a wonderful place to be. :)

    I am very much enjoying your blog, btw. I look forward to reading more!


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