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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday Night's Romp

Daddy had been (warning?) telling mouse all last week he was feeling a bit antsy. We hadn't much time to really do much the past couple weeks (aside from the normal quickies and oral services courtesy of mouse). So, when Friday came along, mouse felt the weight of the realization. To suggest mouse was nervous is putting it mildly.

When Daddy had mouse use the plug, for that extra full feeling, well it was like an electric pulsation running straight to her sex. it comforted her and reminded her that evening she would be for him. He left for work in a fine mood -- as mouse hurried through her chores. Lucy made her appearance at the appointed time to collect the children and gave mouse that sly look -- as though she just knew. 

After cooking dinner, mouse touched up her face and stared at the door -- not sure what he'd want...iced tea, glass of wine, cocktail...this was something mouse couldn't be certain about and didn't want to presume anything. He was on time, carrying flowers for mouse and asked for a glass of wine with dinner.

Quickly mouse served him dinner and waited for direction. He told mouse to open her blouse and sit with her legs apart while he ate, so he could enjoy the scenery. At one point he stood, left the room, vanishing into the garage and returned holding a length of rope. Securing her arms behind her, he handled her breasts with his large hands and called her his slave. By the time the clamps came out -- mouse was mentally vanquished. Reduced to a simple slut -- with only ONE thing on her mind.


Specifically his cock, which mouse was desperate to suck -- to lick the shaft and taste the head -- she needed it so badly.

When he pulled it out, mouse couldn't help but to moan...that lusty throaty way.
He sat down, finished his meal, while mouse actively pleasured him using her mouth. The restraint he shows is incredible at times. Not sure how long it took him to finish his meal -- or if he even did...

Ever so often he would rear up the chain to torture her breasts and add to his pleasure. Then he told her to stop -- but mouse didn't and could feel he was close....

He backed up his chair, pulled mouse off him and slapped her face with his hand.

Then he took hold of her, pulling her up, shed his trousers and pinned her against the wall...growling into her ear that she'd suffer for disobeying him...
"It's good to suffer." mouse replied.

The next morning mouse was bathed in sweat, thighs covered in bites and bruises..and mentally still not all there. That fuzzy air-headed feeling wouldn't leave...then tears fell of shear mental exhaustion and gratefulness...

Happy to be his slut.
Happy to be his slave.
Happy to be his....


  1. O, my. So hot....

  2. lovely and HOT!

    It is good to be reminded what makes us happy.


  3. Sounds wonderful mouse...very happy for you both.

  4. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog! Go there to find the rules for it!

  5. ooh nice, there is something so primal and delicious about a face slap, love it.


  6. oh -- goodness! I can always just perfectly picture it.

    what a night!



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