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Monday, July 1, 2013

Life on the Lake

While mouse will miss Daddy when he goes back to work, there's really more than enough to keep her very busy. Things are different here than at home -- for example and this is a huge thing, there is no washer and dryer! Truth be told, mouse is thoroughly spoiled and hasn't ever lived in a place without one. Everyone in the area shleps their laundry to the coin op, which turned out is a great way to meet people.

They, of course discourage people from loading up all the machines (they have 8), but there's a park, diner and candy/ice cream store and arcade all within walking distance. On Wednesday and Saturday there's a farmers marker too (learned quickly not to go on Saturdsy). During the week it's really nice, weekends tend to explode with people.

The dogs love it, old man dog (we'll just call him Huckleberry Hound) loves smelling everything, in fact he can become lost in the new scents. Young man dog (We'll call him Bogy) loves the water and doesn't mind having his paws cleaned off at all of mud before coming into the house. Huckleberry, can't stand having his paws cleaned and learned quickly not to get them muddy.

Which brings us to the next problem -- mud and kids. There seems to be an instant attraction that cannot be denied between kids and mud. This means the bathtub must be scrubbed daily -- along with the sinks.

The kitchen though is amazing with a wolf 8 burner stove and duel ovens and a huge refrigerator and lots of pantry room! All the adults fight to cook and a dishwasher too! While mouse doesn't mind not having to cook all the time -- it's hard not to want to! There's also a barbecue like fire pit. No tv -- well there is one but it's useless except to watch movies or play video games. And honestly it's hardly ever on -- except when it rains or at night after the kids have passed out. We've been watching the Sopranos (we were all pretty stunned with the death of James Gandolfini). Thank goodness also for an endless supply of wine! Otherwise we might really go crazy.

We've settled into a routine that's really nice. So much it'll be hard going back home in mid August. Then again, without Daddy around all the time. It's going to get difficult. Trying to remain optimistic that it won't be so bad. It's hard but focusing on how nice it is to have him here. This morning Daddy spent some extra time spanking mouse over his knee and it was lovely. We made love after.

At night he sometimes ties mouse up and gives her a nice thrashing.

Really the mountain air has done wonders for him.


  1. Thanks for the update. I am glad you both are enjoying the mountain air. :)

  2. Sounds lovely...except for mud and kids and no washer :) I bet it's nice being in a place where you can have company if you want it...and get away from it if you want.

  3. What a nice summer vacation!! Enjoy your time.

  4. How nice for all of you to have such a retreat... Enjoy the "lazy" days.


  5. I think it sounds wanderful..ok being without a washer would be a hinderence but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

    Did chuckle at the mountain air quip.


  6. Sounds heavenly! Enjoy your time there

    bg (P Surren)

  7. I'm glad that you are enjoying your vacation.

    :) t

  8. Sounds fabulous. I hope you adjust to life without your Daddy during the week. It's wonderful to have these opportunities to make memories with the kids, though!

    Mountain air does wonders for everyone!!


  9. So glad you are enjoying everything! It sounds wonderful, well.. I don't know how I'd do without a washing machine and cloth diapering twins! :( We are about to leave for our trip and I double checked that I'll have a washer and a dryer :) Sand, mud, ocean water - I'm ready for it.
    I hope you continue to have an amazing time! Keep optimistic (((hugs)))


  10. Ooh la la, sounds divine!
    I would imagine that the kitchen almost makes up for the lack of washer.
    Hope the rest of your summer is just as lovely.


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