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Friday, July 12, 2013

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Yesterday it rained all day here, sheets and sheets of it -- which mouse doesn't really mind, except the kids become a little crazy inside the house. Right now, mouse is at the laundry mat doing a mountain of wash. There's something tho, despite being completely spoiled about laundry -- the smell of the laundry mat is nice -- clean. The machines are quick even on the dirtiest clothing, but dunno there's something relaxing about it.

It might have something to do with being plugged -- but there's this peacefulness surrounding mouse. Daddy said its the complete change of scenery with the lack of distractions. He's probably right because it's amazing how much technology invades our lives daily. Here it's different. Life is slower and actually nice without tv and distractions.

The 4th of July was great. Daddy woke mouse by demanding use of her ass. He had mouse use the larger plug the previous day, so he slid into place with a groan of pleasure from him. Later we snuck out into the trees, Daddy hit mouse with a switch while she sucked his cock. It was so hot, he had mouse remove her top. He hit her breasts too and for the rest of the day the floaty feelings never left.

No fireworks are allowed in the area (fire dangers) but we had a fire in the pit, made smores and stayed outside most of the night. Eventually the baby passed out while nursing (she still nurses but only a couple times a day). But the rest of us stayed up much later. Daddy led mouse to bed, when the birds were just waking up. But he wasn't finished with her. He put on the clover clamps and weights, had mouse fuck him on top while he tortured the poor nipples.

When he came, mouse exploded in orgasm and practically screamed. Daddy put his hand over her mouth. At some point before he came, he removed the clamps -- it was freaky the total rush of pain was brutal and weirdly mind altering. It was as though mouse slipped into subspace, but not fully.

He held mouse throughout the night.

Thankfully the kids and everyone else got to sleep in -- adults were all a bit hungover, so the guys made a pitcher of bloody Mary while mouse made some scones (not a big deal the dough was already made and in the fridge) waffles with berries and cream. It was amazing or maybe mouse was totally hungover and starving.

The rest of the day we spent laying around, Daddy and mouse on the sofa watching the baby play. Children played video games. Everything felt so normal -- almost oddly so.

The following day, Daddy had mouse wear the plug after he spanked her rear red.

Too soon it'll be time for him to go. The month has really flown by -- next week is his last week. Of course he'll be back on weekends. But still...


  1. mouse,

    I am glad you are having lots of fun with plenty of fireworks on the fourth of July.


  2. Glad you're having a relaxing time in your retreat. Sounds blissful even with the rain.
    I love warm scones... Mmmm I can smell them across the internet!

  3. oh my lord, mouse, I'm coming and staying with you for the summer!!
    Just reading your post is like going on vacation...

  4. I agree with Jz...I feel like I'm on vacation when I read about your vacation summer

  5. So glad to hear you two were having wonderful time! ;) p.s. I do love warm scones.

  6. My son used to fall asleep in his baby chair in front of the washing machine...i suppose maybe it was the noise..but whatever reason he found it calming!

    Weights with clover clamps...ouchie if im not tied down i would be struggling to get away....hmm im over obsessing at the moment that im not good at keeping still when being hurt in ways im not fond of....i feel a bit of a failure about it.

    But anyway sounds like your all having a wanderful time, it must be nice to escape the 'normal' trappings of everyday life like technology etc, you sound so calm, relaxed..if that makes sense.


  7. Just reading that made me relax a bit. How lovely. :D


  8. Your fourth of July sexcapades hit every spot I have. Sounds wonderful. And what Jz said.


  9. I love the image of sneaking out to the trees - your holiday sounds wonderful ava x

  10. Glad you are relaxing and having a good time (even with laundry!). Try not to fret with him leaving and enjoy your time together. I know how those weeks go though, when they are gone and not around until the weekend. I always work myself into a tizzy!
    Take care!



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