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Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today, it's raining pretty good -- the sun is supposed to come out later today but for now it's got mouse feeling reflective of the lovely weekend with Daddy. The kitchen was quite warm -- and mouse had left the bread to rise, hopefully undisturbed by the dogs. The laundry mat is empty today, save for us. By the time the laundry is done, the bread should be ready. Four loaves will last us the week. Fridays Daddy will bring Challah from home, along with Shabbat candles. Sunday's mouse will do a quick bread like a biscuit for the kids mostly.


We had a wonderful weekend here at the lake. Daddy arrived on time (mostly) and mouse picked him up. We have some friends staying with us at the house who arrived mid last week and honestly mouse has been deeply grateful for the distraction they brought. On our way, from the airport, Daddy pulled onto a old bumpy dirt road and we drove a short distance off the main road where he pulled over.


He ordered mouse out of the car, and came along and lifted mouse's top, exposing her breasts. He toyed with them without any mercy, before turning her around and draping her over the hood of the car. He lifted her skirt and took off his belt, striking her several times and encouraged mouse to make as much noise as she needed to. The tears fell quickly and he pretended to be angry about her florescent pink toenail polish. Ten strikes which he made mouse diligently count off for him, before he fucked her with anal plug still in place sending her far over the edge. The play was rough and so was the sex. It was just what mouse needed.


If only the damn car would allow her to suck Daddy during the drive home, it would have been perfect but the center console kept mouse in her seat. When we arrived at the house, he came around and opened the door, unbuckled mouse's seatbelt and forbid her to speak unless first spoken to. Of course our guests took little notice of the change since they're very chatty people and mouse was free to interact. Saturday however they departed and it was just us (our first time alone in the house really since we all arrived). Daddy upped the process. He placed mouse on more or less very high protocol. Meaning she couldn't speak -- and took away her ability to make any decisions for herself. Much like the punishment she endured but this wasn't punishment -- it was like a crash course in being his slave.


At night mouse slept with his cock in her mouth -- he fucked mouse each morning and used whatever he had on hand to send her floating to subspace and kept her floating until Sunday afternoon. We went out with the children to breakfast -- and mouse was greatly comforted by being held closely under his control. Like being chained to him. After we all took a long walk, stopped at an open air market -- Daddy bought some veggies and some good steaks for next week. Together, more or less, we planned the weekday meals mouse would cook. His family will be coming late next week -- so we stopped at a liquor store for some good top shelf scotch and whiskey -- also stocked up on beer, wine, champaign and plenty of fresh fruit.


He brought us all home, supervised the putting everything away -- then called for a cab and packed up the clothes he'd worn out. The cab arrived and he kissed the kids and mouse goodbye. Too soon he was gone.


This time mouse was better and instantly began counting down the days until his return again.


Song Selection: Rainy Days and Mondays; Carpenters version.


  1. It sounds oh so voyeuristic, but i do so love reading about your life mouse :) Glad you had fun with Daddy. ava x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time indeed.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful weekend, and I'm so very glad you were better when he left again. I do feel for you! I don't know what I'd so this summer if my "H" was gone during the week, although, the late nights can make me feel almost the same. I get a little anxious, like half of me is missing.
    Hopefully this coming weekend will bring more of the same.
    Take care!


  4. there is just nothing like rough sex on the hood of the car!
    love it!

  5. That sounds like the perfect reunion/send off. His detour onto a backroad was brilliant and it's so great that he knows exactly what you needed. By now, this week's almost over and he'll being returning very soon. Enjoy your time with his family.



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