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Friday, July 26, 2013

If the Sun Refused to Shine

Does it need saying how badly mouse misses Daddy? Some mornings, Daddy will ask mouse to redden her own rear and then write about how it made her feel -- did it help ease her stress level? Maybe stress levels aren't right to say -- since her stress level has been at an all-time low. It's perhaps also true that Daddy's stress level is pretty low too.

He has a lot of worries normally -- worries that mouse doesn't have because well -- she has him. If there's a problem mouse goes to him and he solves it. Well, if he can. He can't fix everything. It seems almost trite that these days the most mouse worries about is what to defrost for dinner or what blend of coffee to buy. And it seems ridiculous that mouse can get frustrated. Daddy takes control and the frustration dwindles.

While Daddy concerns himself with the world, mouse fills her life with much more simple things. The mundane, but let's be honest, to us and the way we connect are no less important. Daddy is a traditional man and he likes a traditional wife. Now, he doesn't care if mouse works or studies something that interests her. He's modern enough to encourage mouse in her interests apart from him. Perhaps mouse is smart enough not to allow those interests to interfere with our life. It's a nice arrangement and really serves us both well. It feels very zen.

This morning, while still laying in bed -- not quite ready to begin the day, her fingers glided down her neck, between her breasts and paused. Lightly, fingered the necklace, while its supposed to be comfort, it's just a reminder that Daddy's not here. it's amazing to mouse the children aren't bored and seem completely at ease in these surroundings. It almost seems sad to mouse knowing when we return home, everyone it will seem, will go off to their corners.

Tonight though Daddy will be returning and mouse still has the day ahead to get through (including much laundry) and a little light cleaning. Going to make pie for dessert (key lime). Can't wait to see Daddy!

Song Selection: Thank You; Led Zeppelin


  1. I know the absence's are hard to bear, but focus on the excitement that Omega will be with you for the weekend! Enjoy xx

  2. Thank you for update. I hope you have a terrific weekend.


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