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Friday, August 23, 2013


Since being back home, the oddest feeling of anxiety and it's probably just due to rushing around to get things organized for school beginning soon. At least that's what Daddy said -- it could also be the stress of everything moving so quickly. The electronic distractions -- and mouse never used to be that girl. Really used to be the type to thrive on urban stresses.

What happened? Not really sure but not being part of the world for a couple of months changed mouse. Well, our whole family. The kids were different too. When mouse went to Daddy and suggested that move to the country he laughed -- a big hearty belly laugh saying all summer long mouse complained about being without the convenience of Internet and Target.

How long would that last, he wanted to know and left mouse to ponder that. It would be nice for a while -- but it would get old too. We're far enough away as it is. During this time mouse learned a lot about herself -- that all that glitters isn't gold.

The morning began with mouse feeling anxious and now she's feeling much, much better.


  1. Around here, transitions raise the anxiety levels. It took us a few years to realize it - but the kids are different when school starts or ends - not overtly, not "bad," not in ways you might expect - just different. I suspect i am as well. And maybe my husband - but i won't say that out loud. I hope things settle back into place easily for you all.

  2. Maybe the anxiety was more apparent because of re-adjusting after having such a wanderful time away in a different environment.

    and the whole getting ready back to school i find is hmmm i want to say stressful but that seems a bit ott..its a lot going on, buying clothes, books etc


  3. "All that glitters isn't gold". I love that mouse.
    I feel the same way. We've been down here in a suburb of Portland now for 10 months. I don't like it mouse. At first it was so neat there were shops close by that I hardly ever see....but now? Last week I was up(@home on BI) for a doctor appt. I miss it so much mouse. The open space, the quiet, the small market. Maybe it's just me, but even the people seem nicer up there than down here. lol. I miss home.
    and I missed you too this summer mouse!!


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