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Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's still August right? Is there a reason our backyard is already filling with leaves? This weekend we escaped for a while, ditched the kids with his mom and went home. We had loud, dirty sex.

It began with Daddy grabbing mouse by her hair and pushing her down, against the sofa. Growling into her ear he told her she'd suffer for him. He paddled her ass, captured her mouth, sent her deep into subspace and reduced mouse to this primal, whorish person....

Consumed with base needs and lost in cock worship.

In the end, we were both bathed in sweat and our breathing was ragged. We were comfortable and lost in this blissful moment.

Together we claimed six hours of bliss and later the bruises on mouse's body was all that remained....

Well, that and the smell of Daddy still on mouse's skin.

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday. At night when the baby was settled and the house was quiet, mouse was on the floor at Daddy's feet. The quiet feeling inside her head was blissful. It was like being wrapped in a blanket of peace -- warm, cozy and so safe. Daddy announced it was time for bed, helped mouse up and together we went to bed. Inside our sanctuary, we meditated together, which is lovely to do -- it brings us closer as if that's possible and strengthens us in ways we never thought possible.

In bed, he toyed with mouse's body, taking control and making her squishy.

Sunday morning mouse spent a longer than normal time pleasuring Daddy. The need to do it was too great -- the desire to suck too strong. There was a strong moment while pleasuring him of synchronicity where mouse's whole being moved around him..

Even now writing this it seems so silly. It's woo, something mouse doesn't believe in and thinks its just not real. Still there was this huge stirring and it's not the first time this has happened. It was like being outside looking in and seeing perfection.

Who knew giving head could be so cathartic?



  1. That sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Saturday! And that quiet, peaceful, contentedness is the best feeling. Glad you got the time you needed with your Daddy


  2. I know that feeling-so sweet,:-)

  3. I have so missed your posts mouse!!!



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