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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to Basics

Thursday evening Daddy and mouse were talking about something and Daddy suggested that mouse blog about it on Friday. Unfortunately, Fridays schedule was jam-packed with end of the month and seasonal cleaning. So, she asked if she could write about it another day. There was some reticence on his part but agreed and mouse pushed the idea out of her mind.

We're going back to basics -- morning and evening maintenance and plug wearing during the day and sometimes even at night. He's also adding a fair amount of humiliation to our play -- which has probably been building most of the summer. He has mouse talk dirty to him....and it's something that believe it or not she has a good deal of trouble with. In the right headspace it's easy...but he wants it when she's not in that mood.

He's also contemplating bringing back diaper play -- something that stirs mouse the way few things can. We abandoned that play a couple years ago now...for obvious reasons. It's not about age play. It's about control. For now, he wants mouse to ask permission to do anything and everything and we'll see how that goes. For now, he wants mouse's head empty....

Well, let's face it...this is mouse -- can her head ever be empty? Not a chance. But the asking for permission -- it touches something quite primal in mouse. It makes her insides feel squishy and excited and oh so naughty!

Yesterday, he went to play golf after breakfast and called mouse from the golf course -- he told mouse to go into the bathroom and lift her skirt, and then instructed her to rub herself. To be a good girl and orgasm for him, as he strolled to the next hole. Then he told her to insert the larger plug and sit quietly for a time but instructed her not to touch herself again. It's not something mouse ever really thinks about -- until she's told not to. 

It was all she could think about. He called walking back to the car and asked how mouse was. He told her to again go into the bathroom. He again had her orgasm for him....then told her not to pee and to leave the plug in place for now. Honestly, by the time he got home, mouse was climbing the walls...the water he made her drink didn't help. He led her upstairs, and pushed his hand between her legs harshly...His touch was electric. The plug was replaced with him and he made her body throb, quiver and shake with the urge to fuck. How she begged for him but he fucked her ass and made her touch herself instead. The orgasm that followed was completely mind blowing.

After her body felt wrecked, violated and her mind was completely quiet -- asking permission was no problem for his slut in pearls.

This morning the blankets were rumpled around Daddy in such a way that mouse couldn't pleasure him with her mouth. Instead she rested her head on his chest...which of course woke him. He grabbed her playfully and we wrestled on the bed until he swatted her backside several times and impaled her with him. Is it wrong to say that mouse didn't want to shower, because it meant washing his scent off her body? Maybe we'll have to do it again later to replace that scent?? Meanwhile, mouse's mind remains serene and happily empty...


  1. I recall you talking about diaper play before and at the time its something that i was curious about, its not something i have done..for me though i think i would like it for the humiliation or rather did you find it humiliating?

    hey at least your getting to orgasm! been well over 2 months for me, bossman has developed an interest in long term orgasm hoping its an interest that passes soon lol.....i swear im constantly turned on all the time ...he seems to like that!

    hope you all had a good weekend


    1. Tori,

      Yes, the whole diaper domination is like being in bondage. The diapers are bulky and they alter the way you move, plus they're warm...and it makes mouse think about sex...well that and getting the diaper off. It creates an odd mindset, the lack of control over the most basic thing...

      So yes, it has a hard humiliation factor going with huge potential depending on how sadistic the Dom is.

      To be honest tho, it's a lot of work for the Dominant -- which is why Daddy's never been that interested in it. It does add an twist to our dynamic tho that can't be denied.

      Long weekend here....yay! No work tomorrow for Daddy!


    2. How does it work?

      I mean like would Omega put it on you and go to work and your left in it? or is it when he is home? im really curious about this now? have you tried a catheter? i think i might have asked that before i cant remember.

      It was a long weekend here last weekend, hope you have some fun today.


    3. Oh that's a whole other thing....He he. When Daddy does put mouse in diapers (when we did before) she wasn't allowed to touch them. So it was only done when he was around. We also didn't mess around with poo...that idea was too nasty to think about. Even Sadists have limits -- LOL.

      The main problem is adult diapers aren't made for complete incontinence. They are more of a stop-gap frequent accidents and aren't meant to take high volume urination. People generally who do need that, do have a catheter -- which makes total sense. Diaper rash is actually a common thing. So to make regular store bought diapers more effective, is to place an open baby diaper inside it. It adds extra bulk between the legs and absorbs better with less leaking. The humiliation aspect came in when Daddy would dress mouse in a shorter tight fitting skirt and send her on a task, like into a store (alone). Let's face one gives a shit...but you feel like you're walking around nude.

      Yes, Daddy has engaged in catheter play with mouse many times in fact, as he's a sadist and enjoys the humiliation of it. One of his favorite things was to fill her bladder and then insert an anal plug and fuck mouse with a vibe (or himself). Painful and erotic.


  2. mouse,

    Thank you for sharing how you are getting back to basics. My compliments to Daddy for being so creative on the golf course. Lots of guys are so focused on hitting that little white ball they do not think of anything else so it shows how much he loves you.

    I have experienced orgasm denial and I find that it drives me crazy with desire for one. I am super sensitive and think about it all the time.

    I am happy the two of you are in such a good place in your lives together.


    1. Thanks so much joey! Dare does mouse admit she enjoyed it?

      Hugs and <3

  3. Heightened control seems to bring me these warm, fuzzy, secure, loved feelings. Completely vulnerable, yet completely cared for. I love that he is doing that for you.


  4. mouse,

    I'm glad that your happy and peaceful:)

    oh- and I'm a little jealous about the maintenance twice a day.

    I know what you mean about the scent - I usually wear C's t-shirt to bed all week because it smells like him. :)

    1. Yes, mouse does that when Daddy travels too. It's that feeling close to him.

      Of course by the end of the week, that shirt begins to smell more like mouse than him...




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