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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Excuses

Recently, mouse wrote about our relationship, and oddly mouse began to feel uncomfortable. Daddy asked mouse to expand a little on these thoughts. Tori asked if negative comments were often a bother. It all seems to be tied together. Truthfully, no, negative comments aren't really an issue since early on this year. It's just something that sticks in the back of mouse's mind.

Maybe it's just this need to make excuses so that people (anyone who happens to read on a whim) knows that our relationship is healthy and just different from maybe the way "vanilla" relationships are. Daddy doesn't dominate mouse because he hates women or because he's just a control freak. He doesn't abuse mouse in any way. The only thing infuriating about him is that he's so freaking calm. He rarely yells...and sometimes it's annoying.

Sex and playing, while important to any relationship, isn't the most important thing. Really! Neither is spanking or BDSM, those things are like frosting, rich, gooey and fun...but if the cake under it all doesn't matter. We are like great cake.

Now -- if you'll excise mouse -- she's going to go bake a cake.



  1. Mmmm, cake!

    And yea, there's no point in beautiful icing and delicious sprinkles if the cake is crappy.
    "We are like great cake" I love it!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog, I always feel so encouraged :-)

  3. Oh yes, the bossman is like that...calm...i could be giving it beans and he doesnt shout back, yell or lose his temper! he ignores it until im more umm rational! it is bloody infuriating...he says he wont pander to my temper tantrums....i prefer to call them emotional outbursts because im passionate! lol

    im glad to hear you dont get so much horrid comments anymore, and they dont bother you, i think its like i recall you saying before on here that when your on the outside peeking in your only seeing glimpses..and sometimes those glimpses can be perceived to an 'outsider' as being wrong or abusive..there not seeing the whole picture.


  4. I love the calm. David does it too. I love that I can count on that calm, it denotes great strength to me, but boy oh boy, sometimes that same calm can be sooooo frustrating. I guess that is the monkey version of wanting my cake and eating it too.

  5. It's such a valid and important point to make - that D/s or any other form of power exchange is what you do with the relationship you are in. All that is important to any loving partnership should be important to those in a power exchange relationship. As well, it is impossible to be able to fully see into another relationship. If you are both content, then all is well.

  6. We were talking about this today, mouse! I love your analogy very much more though! Yes, rich and delicious frosting on cardboard is very disappointing. The foundation beneath must be rich and vibrant. Brilliant!


  7. Beautiful post mouse! I understand how you want to protect your Daddy and make sure that others reading understand that you are very much loved and protected in your relationship.

    Oh and yum! Cake!



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