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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Funny, the Bad and the Lovely

Part 3
The Lovely

Blindfolded, mouse felt her being led slowly upstairs by him. Carefully and slowly. Scared, but he kept an arm around her waist. Each step...until we reached the bedroom. He led mouse she assumes to the chaise and splayed her open to him. Arms cuffed above her head, attached it seemed to something -- maybe the bed or the other chair? It gently pulled.

He rubbed her between her legs until she moaned and writhed, arching herself to get closer. There a buzzing sound and delicious vibrations on her clit...then a stoke of pain...then more sweet vibrations...more pain...the orgasm inside was building like a wave...he told her not to.

He kept edging her toward that end until mouse was tears...mentally confused...pain coming from no where and everywhere then pleasure...pleading mouse needed to orgasm and he still refused...he turned her over...spanked her bottom until she was certain it glowed in the dark then shoved fingers inside her making her again writhe for him. Each time he turned her,..whatever she attached to -- became shorter, pulling her arms more, causing her to contort, but not painfully. When he began to enter her with his was surreal...she knew he would fist her...soon she was crying for more and for it to stop at the same time. It's confusing...the feelings of being stretched...then he added a vibe to her clit...building snd building until mouse was screaming to release...

Writhing like a little whore or maybe a puppet on a string he still refused...when removed his hand, and kept the vibe it was like riding a wave of sensations he needed mouse to was out of body..When he yet again, repositioned mouse she was like a pile of noodles. When she felt the cane (pretty sure it was the cane) mouse thanked him over and over. Now she hates the her mind he was using her...making her do as he wished...oh that was intoxicating to mouse...

When she felt his breath on her down there...his lips...building her up slowly...again and again...

In what seemed to be one movement, he lifted and flipped her over -- his tongue buried on he clit...biting snd tormenting her thighs...making her cry and plead.

Not yet...

It wasn't until he entered her...his fingers busy with a captured nipple...his mouth biting and nibbling on her throat...he finally let her orgasm.

Is it possible to levitate?

Honestly mouse doesn't recall how long it lasted or how many followed...

Subspace...floating without a thought of anything...

The corset was off when she woke...hands tied together in front of her..Master's cock, somewhere near her face, blindfold still in place but she could smell him...licking and sucking soon followed...pleasure and being careful not to wake him. Just needing him...

When she felt his hand touch her head, she cried and apologizing for waking him. He guided her back down on him..,soon she was licking, sucking...feeling him push and fuck her mouth. Tears fell down her cheeks...and mouse felt herself begin to float...lost somewhere.. His orgasm brought her back quickly tho, as she choked on him. He told her she was a good slave...

Sunday morning. We showered, he washed mouse, saying he wished this part could continue. The wheel in his head was spinning a little. If we woke earlier...not much, he could observe mouse practice her yoga for an hour -- then we could shower. He could move the treadmill. He could run and watch mouse at the same time.

He liked the idea of mouse not being able to shower without him...not wash only allow him access to those parts. He also said he wanted her to wear the corset daily. No doubt it improves her posture by limiting her ability to move properly. Chase after a nearly two year old wearing one??

He was unfazed. What did women do before the bra? Well mouse argued..the corset provides no all.. Again, he wasn't moved. He got up and went to the closet. He came out with a box. Inside were a few corsets. He moved her hair from her eyes as she processed the shock. The baby isn't nursing anymore much. Prefers her milk in a cup, which mouse could still pump a couple times a day. It actually made mouse sad..

Obviously, he's been plotting this for a while.

Honestly, mouse doesn't know if it was a choice or not...she just said ok...

He put one on was stiff and completely unyielding. He did up the laces tight and said mouse was not to untie it ever...other wise he'd figure out a way to lock her in it. Then he had her bend, lift, sit, move, drive, reach into the back seat...more lifting. Stooping and kneeling. He tested it for snugness...could mouse breathe ok? Honestly tho, mouse loved the way it made her body look. None of them chafed or was like being hugged or contained. All would probably prevent mouse from wanting to eat as much tho.

All these corsets laced up the did fasten in the front with eyehooks...for mouse to wear when Daddy traveled.

One didn't fit as well...the sweetheart top fit mouse the best.

He grabbed mouse by the waist and and told her she looked ravaging.

The kids were all home in the evening, mouse wearing her new bondage gear cooked the meal and chatted with the kids quietly about their weekend. Feeling calm, contained...hugged.

Softer....more quiet more at peace.

After dinner, mouse's mind didn't wander...stayed with the task of cleaning the kitchen.

And in the end Master was right.  Cleaning the kitchen up, being able to move free of chains made mouse appreciate that unique bit of freedom all the more. 

Just like being free from the corset at night, or when she exercises... 


  1. This is beautiful mouse. We all need to be pushed sometimes and I'm glad you're feeling more content afterwards. Thanks for sharing as it has given Daddy and I some talking points and that's always nice ")


  2. beautiful, and thank you for sharing.
    i think we have all had to be worked through the i dont like Him stage to the well actually i can see what He is talking about one , and thinking of which i am off to do my cleaning ....(((hugs))) glad you had a good weekend

  3. ok, monkey girl finally has to comment. this is all very lovely...but cleaning until 5am?

    He really is a sadist!!

  4. This is lovely. So glad the weekend ended this way.......being made to feel like a little whore is just the best headspace.

  5. Oh wow, i love the idea of wearing a corset daily, on the plus side does this mean potential shopping for more..there are some really beautiful ones out there...and of course it might mean a whole new wardrobe of clothes to emphasis the corset, comfort etc.....just saying lol

    what a wanderful way to end the weekend though..just beautiful.



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