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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yes is the Surrender

"You've got to let it go."

It's odd, sometimes we just go on maintaining what we already have. There are times we decide to add more. Maintenance spankings or other things like mediation to keep things feeling fresh and exciting. Most times Daddy decides when things need to be shaken up. Sometimes, tho mouse will request more. More what? That's hard to answer. Probably it's simplest to say more control. More from Daddy, just like he sometimes wants or demands more of mouse.

He's never demanded mouse's passwords or anything, it's always been implied if he wanted them, he could simply ask. When mouse, annoyed, hurt and somewhat enraged offered them to prove somehow how submissive she was by handing everything online for him to control -- well it wasn't exactly expected. Sometimes when mouse does silly things like that Daddy will instantly just agree and implement the change. When mouse said she needed help organizing her day, Daddy was more than thrilled to help her. This was different because it gave him control of her 'downtime' in a way we've never done before. In the past mouse was always more or less on an honor system. Work first (blogging is considered a duty or job just like housework, cooking caring for the kids) play later.

Daddy gave mouse time. He gave her an out saying if she rescinded the offer he wouldn't mention it. But if she didn't, there wouid be no pouting, no complaints and if she abused his trust in anyway, the punishment would be swift.

It was a huge thing to be considered. There's freedom there -- if mouse goes to Daddy and asks to use the iPad, or computer, he'll ask why and determine if he feels its alright or a waste of time. Right now, if mouse wants to play Angry Birds she can just do it. If she wants to read blogs, or look at Pinterest, tweet..let alone read a book...

Well, we do own many books that aren't electronic -- she could always pick up a real book...with real pages snd read those. Knit...ya..she could do that too. A nice quiet activity that doesn't involve hurling birds with a sling shot at fortified pigs.

It came back -- how good she felt at the lake without the distractions -- after a serious withdrawal period -- it really wasn't so bad. But this isn't the lake. This is home...

Although she was tempted to use her "get out of jail card" she didn't and gave him her iPad. And she'll admit she shivered when he asked for her phone. Details were left to him on how much freedom mouse will be allowed and she's got to admit -- it's a big relief.

In the end, Daddy was more generous than mouse expected. He didn't change much, got rid of some apps he calls "time wasters" and he did change mouse's iTunes password, to prevent her from adding more time wasting apps. Oh and downloading more music he can't stand -- ha!

He added a thesaurus. Just what mouse always (never) wanted.

Totally love you Daddy!

Song Selection: Mind Games; John Lennon



  1. mouse
    I have said it before and I will say it again, I am in awe of you. How you give so freely. How you surrender. There are many times when I have read your journal and compared myself to you and I have, more often than not, walked away thinking I am not at all submissive. I have those thoughts quite regularly actually. Compared to so many women, so many journal entries I read I do not come across as submissive. I want some freedoms. I want to be able to go for a walk and not always ask. I want to go on the computer and not always ask. I want to visit with friends and not always want to ask and that seems to contradict nearly every single submissive I have ever met.

    I think it is wonderful that you are so sure of who you are, of what you desire. I appreciate that you embrace yourself. I think you are an inspiration.



    1. No, you don't get to compare yourself to mouse. There's probably lots of stuff you do that mouse would balk at...

      Everyone has their thing that excites them about their power exchange dynamic -- and honestly mouse isn't any's just she gets off on Daddy's control....and since he likes to be in's easy for us both.

      Where as he had issues with submissive women and even slaves about control in the past ... he will tell mouse that she's perfect for him...because she just lets to go...and even like this time asks for more.

      Everyone always talks about how difficult slavery is (mouse is no exception) it's totally not for the faint of heart. But with the right person...the person who needs you to give and gives back just as much so it's not depleting. It makes you want to do more to get more...

      Honestly, mouse never understood the whole freedom of the ropes thing..but now she gets it...It really makes sense to her now...

      It's like mouse found her freedom to just be because she's his slave. It's almost, on the surface an oxymoron...


  2. Do you think that sometimes the need to have more control exerted over you is that because of everything thats already in place after a while it becomes the 'norm' and its easy to get complacent and therefore seek out more, to as you said to shake things up?

    I could never get into angry birds, but candy crush that i did get addicted to!


    1. YES! This...


      Angry birds is one of those games that mouse can put down for a long time, and go back to at anytime...that's probably why she likes it so much. The kids like it too. LOL Maybe she'll ask Daddy to check out that other game...LOL



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