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Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't You Work as Hard as You Play?

Did you hear? For years now we've been shown how to do 20 or more things at once and they lied to us about the results! The resulting evidence that multitasking was perfectly fine, so eat that lunch while driving or talk to your mother in law, while shopping -- because you can do it all. They lied.

It's something Daddy has never believed in, so when he sent mouse a link to this article here, she could feel him snickering. Or being, at the very least, a bit validated and justified telling mouse about it. Oh he'll be smug about it all right.

Of course, right now mouse's body is multitasking. Breathing, digesting food, blood pumping, heart beating,. Naturally, he'd just say that's all automatic functions, you can't read and watch tv at the same time. One will suffer....

As much as mouse gives lip-service to the lie, part of her wants to believe that she's doing everything just wonderfully...but she's not. Mindfulness that Daddy wants mouse to practice is elusive. But, the other day, while washing dishes and talking on the phone, she broke a cup. It wss a favorite cup and it annoyed her. Getting off the phone mouse focused -- too late for the cup -- but never too late to begin.

The extra sleep the past few nights has made mouse realize how woefully inept the whole multitasking thing is for her. So much had to be redone, correctly and with mindful purpose. How zen she sounds. But it's never that easy is it? At some point it will, just not today.

Song Selection: Creeque Alley; The Mommas and the Papas.


  1. mouse,

    I am guilty of multi-tasking, totally addicted to it.

    My family motto is: Work Hard and Play Hard.


  2. I believe I can multi-task successfully. My husband would hold a different opinion. He is a ardent single-tasker. Let's say quantity wise I get more done, quality wise his achievements look better.

  3. I am guilty of multitasking in excess! I can say that "H" would say I am in over my head most times. I long for some extra sleep and maybe that would help keep my focus to one thing at a time? I do know it's hard!

  4. Neither me nor Mistress can multi-task. We both do it, occasionally, but it's usually a sign of stress and and distraction. When Mistress starts telling me something, then leaves the room to go get something, holds it in her hand while she picks up something else, and then get lost staring at the telly without finishing the sentence, I know it's been a bad day at the office...

    I can't multi-task worth a damn, but if I'm not concentrating I often do things in short bursts, kind of serial-tasking. Not at the same time, but in very short segments. When I'm really cognitively tired I can't watch tv without knitting, and I'll read a book while I'm talking with someone, because I can't keep my mind on one thing for more than a few seconds at a time. But that's not a good thing, it's a sure sign of exhaustion.

    I try to be mindful, and I'm getting better at it. Not to be more productive, as such, just to live a more aware life and get less exhausted. And I do meditation exercises a couple of times a day, just to re-boost my brain.


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