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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time of the Season

October is winding down, gosh that was fast! The whole month just flew by. The mornings are chilly and Halloween is in the air. Daddy's planning on getting home early so he can share in the fun. We're lazy, we leave a bowl of candy outside with a note. We don't get a lot of kids and it's funny because most do the same thing. Silly isn't it? Going from door to door on the honor system. The dogs will walk with us and that should be fun.

Daddy's been busy with work; we exercise, we have sex and things are good, but he's distracted (seems like he can't multitask well either). Meanwhile mouse has been much more focused and it's amazing that a little sleep can make such a difference. Guess mouse did forget what it was like when the baby was new. They said it wouid happen. How can you ever forget that?

There is a bit of trouble of late, it seems mouse hasn't been posting in our private journal much. Daddy really wants mouse's more intimate thoughts -- the ones that aren't ready for prime time yet. So there's been a failure to meet that particular expectation. It's not for want to disobey, it's just that mouse hasn't had many thoughts worthy. It's like sometimes she writes there, then reworks a little and writes it again here. Nevertheless it's still an expectstion that mouse is more or less expected to do.

Demerits, well they've been down, except for the journal thing. Daddy, since he's busy, might roll thm over for next week, which will likely turn into another week since he'll be gone most of next week.  

But this morning we woke earlier than expected and neither of us could fall back asleep. We were talking a little...then he spanked mouse...

A who's your Daddy spank...playful and fun. But too darn short for mouse's taste.
When the alarrn went off, this song was playing...


Song Selection: Time of the Season; The Zombies


  1. Enjoy your Halloween, I do miss that. :) Sounds like home is happy and peaceful, I envy you :)

  2. Mouse, when I think I have no thoughts it's usually that something is actually bothering me. I wonder if something is on your mind? K


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