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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Look Inside Girl

On Friday Daddy leaves on an important trip.  He's got everything in order, including mouse who will be wearing the corset she's not overly fond of.  Oddly enough mouse doesn't worry as much as she used to when he'd travel.  It used to be horrible having him away from home and that totally doesn't sound right, does it?  

Of course, she misses him horribly when he's not here,  especially at night.  

The fear used to be much more intense for mouse -- because she is rather skittish about flying and that was in place long before 9-11 -- so she can't blame it on that.  But those fears have lessened greatly in the years we've been together.  The last time we flew together as a family, really mouse didn't give it a thought.  

He now has shifted in his feelings about travel and sees the whole getting anywhere by plane a total nuisance he'd rather avoid.   Because it's like a whole day wasted.  For international flights you must arrive three hours before the plane is scheduled to leave.  No more running through the airport or leaving it to the last minute because the lines can be horribly long.   It always seems like the longer he must wait, the easier it is to get through security.  Murphy's law?

He's also concerned about his connection flight.  There isn't a lot of time and that can easily be eaten up by weather delays.  

Still, while Daddy's away mouse will worry about him and miss him.  The nighttime is always the hardest, but he bought mouse a body pillow.  One of those really long pillows you can snuggle against. As if a pillow is a suitable replacement for him.  He's got the lists already printed out and ready to go one for each day for mouse to follow.  

Daddy will check up too to make sure they're done.  

Song Selection: Magic Carpet Ride; Steppenwolf.  


  1. It sounds lovely that he's prepared so well to care for your, Mouse, while he's gone. The pre printed daily things...just another reminder of how much he thinks of you as he gets ready to travel. Try to enjoy your time waiting for him to return and forget the saying "while the Master is away, the Mouse will play." It's a lie and will create trouble.

  2. dear dear mouse, you are shining! I'm always just a tweet away.

  3. I love how much energy Omega puts into his departure - what a truly loving Master. I hope you can still find inner calm while he is gone xx


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