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Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Weekend

Yes, Daddy's back home and no one is leaving him alone. Including mouse who just can't get enough of him either. Once he handed out the airport gifts the kids dispersed. Greedy little things he remarked. Between chores, mouse doted on him. It made her feel good -- even if he found it annoying.

The evenings were nice and quiet.

Sunday after tying mouse up, paddling her bottom -- Daddy decided to take us all out to breakfast, followed by a long walk.

Today it's back to routine.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend for you all. So glad you're complete again.

  2. I love a great relaxing weekend

  3. glad things are running back to normal for you mouse (((hugs)))

  4. :) same happens over here when Master gets home after working out of town. It's like a game of follower the leader, let's go where Daddy goes and do what Daddy does... and sometimes the kids do the same ;)


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