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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding Joy in Everyday Things

Being Daddy's slave is the easy part, well most of the time. The mindfulness he wants mouse to more embrace is so elusive. He wants it, so why should mouse struggle with it so much? How much joy can you find in doing laundry? While Daddy was away those thoughts were far away. Now since he's home, they've returned and mouse finds herself again venturing to the deep end of her thoughts.

Asking Daddy for help quieting mouse's thoughts was the easy part, accepting his decision to return to firm rituals where mouse actively practices her submission at all times -- was not what she had in mind. If she simply wished for maintenance spankings to return, she should have asked for them. Words are that important around here, and sometimes it leaves him befuddled that mouse doesn't seem happy with his decision, after all He is. Instead, he made other changes to her chore and errand schedules.

No raising her voice, using new techniques to occupy herself and the busy baby. The chore schedule is somewhat lessened. Today, is a errand day with just a few extra chores and a large meal planned. At the end of day mouse is to be expected to be honest with him about how things went.


  1. Mindfulness...sounds so easy in theory but in practice its..well i find it difficult....the bossman often says what holds me back in a lot of ways in submission is my inability 'to give it up', to just go with the flow!

    But yeah i hear you..what joy is there in doing i know exactly what my Master would say "you should take pleasure in all that you do".....or words to that effect.

    I think its more of a struggle resisting the urge to quote it back at him when he is moaning about picking up the dogs mess!


  2. I love your title and hope that you find much joy in many things.

  3. oh mouse, I do not know how I'd ever find the joy in laundry! :) Taking pleasure in these things is something I myself struggle with as well. The pleasure I can muster some days is how truly lucky I am to live with my "H", have my babies and just be joyful to do their laundry for that simple fact. I am serving them as a mother and His wife, caring for them.
    Now, I just have to keep telling myself that as I scrap lip balm off the inside of the dryer that my daughter's left in one of her pockets... It's ever so easy to get irritated with the simpleness of it! Right now we are a bit lax on all our duties around the house because I've been so tired, but I've almost asked for more of a rigid schedule but fear what it would bring!


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