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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Landslide

Metaphorically that's exactly how mouse feels, caught in a landslide of emotions that seek expression and can't be contained. The amor Daddy's provided mouse with isn't strong enough and it's buckling under the immensity of pressure. Cannot begin to say how stressful and angst riddled mouse was yesterday. He hadn't called or texted all day and immediately mouse's mind went to the bad places.

His phone crapped out. Nothing more than that sent mouse off the cliff. The snappish, worried mouse that doesn't want to be bothered with trivial matters because HE didn't call or text.

When he called on the land line, relief swept over mouse. He was annoyed with the situation not with mouse.

Cherry on his sundae, he doesn't like his new phone.

Somehow listening to him complain felt really normal and all mouse wanted to do was kneel at his feet or hug him (he'd endure the hug).

It's a holiday here today.

Hopefully it'll just be a few more days..