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Friday, December 27, 2013

Throw Cares Away

Christmas eve we trucked the kids over to Lucy and Schroeder's home. There we were joined with a few other good friends, lots of wine and a ton of food. The little kids who believe in Santa were asking us to update them on his location (how times have changed). They didn't want their home passed over because they weren't in bed! One kid proclaimed he was going to see Santa by staying up all night (he's 5).

The kids were all hopped up on sugar and not a one complained when it was time to leave! We got home just before midnight, we carried the baby upstairs and she never woke! Child was passed out. Daddy was already working on putting together the toys from Santa (and whatever else he didn't want to deal with on Christmss morning). By 1am he was grumbling that he should have just paid to have the trike assembled.

By 2 he was finished, we both crept upstairs.

At 4 am Babygirl was in our room asking if it was time for Christmas to begin.

Again at 5.

Again at 6:30. Sometime after Babygirl fell back asleep.

And stayed asleep!

Christmas morning the tradition is that Daddy snd mouse shower, dresss and everyone gathers in the kitchen. Now, it cannot be said enough that this makes the kids crazy -- because they're anxious to get to see what St Nick brought them. Coffee is made, the kids bounce until Daddy's had some coffee (while giving the kids odd tasks to do like fetch a garbage bag for wrappings). Then it's the free-for-all. The kids first begin with their stockings and begin eating candy and it just continues.

Presents that took hours to select and wrap are unwrapped and disguarded in seconds! The dogs even get into the act, finding and unwrapping their own gifts!! The laughter and fun makes it all worth while.

Song Selection: Carole of the Bells


  1. Oh how evil to make the poor children wait!!! I would've been dying as a child...oh who am I kidding? I just as bad now! lol Glad you had a Merry Christmas!


  2. There is something to be said for annoying your children on Christmas morning by drawing out their wait for presents. Always try to find some way to make them wait. :)

  3. oh heavens... there was one Christmas morning when my parents were both down with the flu and sleeping LATE! (prolly only 7:30 or so, but c'mon!)
    My poor brother was delegated to be container of my 7 year old self.
    It was not pretty...
    I think we both still have nightmares of that particular Christmas morning.

    Delighted that yours went better than that! :-)

  4. Ahh Christmas with kidlets - so much fun!! ava x

  5. "Odd errands". that put a smile on my face and reminds me of my own father.
    once he had his coffee and sat in his chair, smoking his pipe, we finally knew Christmas could start!!
    wonderful memories you're making for the little monkeys.


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