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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finding a Moment

Can it get even a little more busy? Things are relatively under control for this week -- gifts wrapped, some even given out. Now is the time when mouse would love to sit down, catch her breath for a moment and just relax. If there was only a little time for that. Each weekend it seems someone is having a holiday event that we have an obligation to attend.

Last night however Daddy forced mouse to slow down. We loaded up the family car and went to look at holiday lights. Then we stopped in this little coffee shop on our Main St., and ordered hot cocoa for the kids. We walked around the downtown area, looking at the lights and seeing the huge tree all decorated. Flurries of snow lingered but nothing stuck.

The area around our home looks like everything is just dusted with powdered sugar. It's.nice and makes it feel more festive and it doesn't bother mouse in the least to drive.

Later on at home, after the kids were all in bed. Daddy led mouse upstairs. He had the rope already out. Soon she was splayed for his pleasure, nipples painfully clamped and her body exposed. He took out a vibe and peoceeded for the longest time to torture mouse with it. Bringing her close to orgasm but just not quite. There is something about being told not to orgasm. When he tells mouse not to when she's all tied up, it's a reminder that she's completely without power or control.

Sometimes like this last time, Daddy will make it seem like she has a choice or option to orgasm. He'll feign sympathy, by saying he understands how difficult it is, but adds the caveat that if mouse does orgasm there will be a consequence (naturally he'll say this as he rubs her clit with a finger). The torment this time continued until finally mouse was so revved up, she did orgasm.

"Naughty girl, now I shall need to punish you."

It's really part of the scene -- he knows full well how exactly to make mouse orgasm.

The extra large plug makes an appearance and mouse cries as he inserts it. Then he places pegs around her breasts. Cupping the flesh snd dropping them several times. The pain is horrible and erotic. In little time mouse's senses are overwhelmed. He allows mouse to drift.

This time was different as she began to regain some sense, mouse found herself collared and tethered to the wall. Candles were lit and Daddy was watching mouse. There was the huge sense of being comforted by it all. Even when he entered mouse and used her for his own long-awaited release. Sleep followed.

Daddy is a bit shy about outward displays of ownership that are open for all to see -- such as collars. We've both viewed certain jewelry pieces as mouse's collar. The problem is, some simply aren't appropriate to wear all the time. Daddy's been always looking for a nice alternative. The dog collar...well it's more for play or punishment and it's nothing mouse has ever taken seriously. The pearls, mouse doesn't like to wear them when she cleans or even if she cooks certain things, because they're delicate.

More gold chains have been broken than she can count -- and since her hair is longish, earrings aren't usually seen. Plus she can't really sleep wearing it. It's presented an odd issue. Of course there is her wedding ring, but that comes off frequently during messy cooking, cleaning and bedtime.

Still recently mouse went to Daddy and expressed to him that she wished there was something she could wear most of the time, day or evening -- much like a collar but pretty snd durable. It was more of a musing. We've both looked on the web, some are nice but aren't really for us.

Why is this open display of his ownership so suddenly important? It's really not. As mouse scanned down her list of expectations, it's pretty clear that everything she does, wears and behaves are a result of Dsddy's ownership. If anything mouse is a walking collar!



  1. I've thought about an ankle bracelet instead of a neck collar. Depending on the style, you could wear it all the time in any weather. Under snow boots, in sandals, etc.

    Your holiday light night sounds wonderful.

  2. I love the visual of mouse as a walking collar. ;-D

    But it's true, something concrete can help us stay mindful of the "why"s behind why we do all those walking collar things...

  3. I love your writing. It's so beautiful and erotic and always aware of the power between the two of you.

    I'm surprised that he would tell you not to cum and then make you. I get that it's part of the scene, and it wouldn't surprise me at all in some relationships, but I am just a little surprised that Omega plays that way. But I love reading it.


  4. Beautiful post....I am able to both sympathize with the hustle & bustle of the season and the social obligations. But it is a magical time that brings memories of being together as a family taking in the wonder of the lights & spirit of the town. We just got back from chilly ok down right cold Seattle & Canada to California where you would swear it was summer. I was having a hard time getting into the proper spirit but taking time out to enjoy the decorations helps. It's wonderful being able to share the simple things and then have the kind of mind blowing intensity that's takes you out of yourself to another level. I rarely comment but something so perfect to me reading this post. Thank you for sharing.

    Just a side note for a discreet private symbol of ownership have you ever considered the Cartier love bracelet. It comes in yellow, rose, white & platinum. It has to be screwed on and can not be taken off. I think it used to be called the love cuff. I have worn mine for 15 years and except the one emergency room after an accident where he had to scramble to find a something to unscrew it since they threatened to cut it off & I was having a fit about it. Its always on and does not impede anything I do. I feel in against my arm and is a comfort. I wear it to yoga, to clean, to ride my horse, to dinner parties & gala events. I get many compliments and touch it and smile it is something for us that no one knows the meaning it's our secret. It is elegant enough for a cocktail dress but doesn't look out of place while wearing lululemon or a preppy skirt & blouse. Sorry to run at the mouth.

    Happy holidays!


  5. mouse,

    Thank you for sharing a very hot scene.

    A walking collar, interesting. The two of you have a very deep connection that needs no material symbol.


  6. The day collar is a constant reminder for the sub especially. I love the idea. I wear a slave ring to remind me of my place and lifestyle. I love it.

  7. i can understand the desire to wear something ... Daddy bought me a Tiffanys o-ring this Christmas, which is just lovely and very discreet. Perhaps have a look there? Hope you had a beautiful day on Christmas xx


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