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Monday, December 16, 2013


The weeks seem to just whizz passed and soon we'll be saying farewell to 2013 and hello to 2014. We've had a very good year. Expectations, demerits and mouse feels very content and mentally settled. Last week was exceptional. There were no demerits accrued for a whole 7 days (and counting actually).

Interesting but mouse might have learned something from all this.

On Monday mouse ran her usual errands, Babygirl was not feeling well at all and mouse was rushing. One moment she was heading down the aisle with coffee on it, the next second Babygirl throwing a tantrum and demanding to be carried. Now, it's worth mentioning the child is almost never like that. So mouse did pick her up, and the toddler fell asleep on her shoulder. Wrapped her up in her blanket and just let her stay that way.

Unfortunately the coffee was forgotten.

Back at home, mouse sent Daddy a one-handed text we were home, and checked Babygirl's temperature -- not too high. So mouse set her up on the sofa with a movie and juice while mouse began putting away the groceries.

When she noticed there was no coffee, even though Babygirl was feeling much better and acting very normal; mouse sent Daddy a text message (already told him about the baby feeling off) letting him know about the coffee and asking what she should do.

He messaged her back saying not to worry (which turned out very wise) he'd stop and get it at lunch. There's a great coffee roaster near his work.

That evening when he got home, brought home the coffee.

The rest of the week, mouse kept to the expectations with ease and cleaned the house. Thursday evening mouse was a bit nervous when Daddy called her into his study. When he explained he was very pleased with mouse and that she had no demerits -- she let out a squeal and wept. The relief was amazing, the praise she recieved was high and the tears were happy.




  1. wow, a whole week with no demerits!!!! WHOOP indeed! well done you!

  2. Oh mouse, I'm so happy to hear about your week without demerits that I just had to de-lurk and let you know!
    I've been reading here for some time, finding inspiration in how you and Omega put such effort into nurturing and safeguarding your loving relationship.
    Having been together for so many years, t this past year we have made a concious effort to open up our true feelings about each other and ourselves, good things, and not so good, including discovering our kink. We feel our love growing and being refreshed; so much to learn, so exhilarating!

  3. Yay mouse! Congrats! A week and counting... that must feel really good!

    I have about 1/2 the expectations you have, and so far I have only manged to string about 3 or 4 'perfect days' in a row before I forget something. I can be very scatterbrained sometimes. One of these weeks, I swear I'm going to get a 'perfect'.

  4. A whole week? :) Congrats!
    I've got a house full of little ones who've been under the weather, it makes it hard to keep all things straight on the mind for sure!

  5. Well done mouse. I am so happy that you were praised for your efforts.


  6. Way to go on a week! i'm a loving lurker. i totally know that feeling when you go in expecting something and the praise comes, it's so beautiful, i teared up with you!


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