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Monday, December 9, 2013

Meeting Expectations

We had a low-key weekend. On Sunday Daddy had mouse write down all her expectations. By hand. Not as punishment, but to remind her about how interconnected they all are. Last week mouse was snappish toward everyone. This week, mouse is trying to temper the urge. It's amazing how hard it is at times and how quickly it devolves into bad habit.

The bustle of the holidays had mouse feeling a bit off, sure everything will be done -- but it's stressful while it's all going on. The coming week is especially busy. Daddy's hammered out the schedule.

The other night in bed, not long after the rope was put away, the crop stashed, and mouse was nothing more than an intense puddle of goo, Daddy snaked his body around her and watched her. That's the moment for mouse, when it feels as though the world has stopped spinning. All is quiet.

By the morning mouse feels better, but a bit emotional and staying very close to Daddy. Like that invisible strand tyng her to him. He lets her dote on him because it makes her feel good to serve and please him.  He did ask mouse to write out all the expectations and put them on a tab at the top of the page.  You know, all the little rules that fall under the blanket rule of "obey".  


  1. mouse,

    The world stops spinning, all is quiet. I like the way you described how you feel with Omega.


  2. Thank you for posting the expectations mouse. It's helpful to know that others have similar requirements, it makes one feel not so alone in this.

    Master is in a no-nonsense mood today (more so than usual) and it is making one very anxious......and a little giddy at the same time. Go figure.


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